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private matter, but at the moment there are two gate crashers, are stunned to see a. However, when trying to think Du wind pulled his body, the little foxes, but he would not let him smoke tightly locked open. Du wind one earned, on a small fox thin and tender lips suddenly grind a blood line, still refuses to relent. Du wind had let her mouth, little fox while tears, while very dedicated to trying to swallow a mouthful, but still can not keep pace Du wind speed repressed desires spewing two decades, a small amount of whitish liquid flooded her mouth, neck and flowing down her beautiful body. Yang Lu Ya and zero at the door, embarrassed face straight red to the neck root, do not see the two men had a pale complexion. Young Shade zero has taken away even the eyes are forgotten, they staring at Du Luo Feile volt wind legsRooms, hasty action with. Lu Ya situation is slightly better, but also just barely pushed to the eye. Shook the daze of Valkyrie successor even forget cover your ears, and let the waves Xiuren swallowing sound crazy to pass the eardrum, and lasted a long time, nearly a minute. Wave after wave. With the wave of a wave. After almost minute. This storm is finally completely stop, Luo Feile barely raised his head, then flew Du Fenghuai in 'wow' to cry cry. Du wind with a hand gently patting her on the back, while the cold tunnel: 'You two go out, close the door.' Lu Ya like mud carved wood, like standing, but is the first to react zero Yang, forced to land Yala out. Backhand door. Luo Feile still lying in Du Fenghuai in crying, tears, sweat, and exudes a pungent odor covered with two unnamed liquid tight cuddle body. Small fox cried cried:. 'This is what I face Independence Day discreditable friends.' Du wind gently stroking her head, and sometimes could not think of what to say. Small fox to gradually stop crying. Du looked up and watched the wind containing big eyes full of tears, pitiful authentic: 'You do not put me out tonight go?' Even people who are devoid of humanity probably but since World War Gods, Kongxuan clear understanding gap between themselves and the saints, but unfortunately the West Although known as Peacock Yamashina Buddha, but is actually a Western thugs only, and is quasi-mentioned Taoist to control his Daoxing arcane, and on the same gods Gods, own Daoxing did not progress to the later, even the Monkey King also have come from behind to beat myself a. This time, he was no longer afraid to look down upon the saint supernatural powers. Now people can see clearly his own body, to better see the quasi-mentioned Taoist Shimoji ban in his body, strength must be above the quasi-mentioned, there is this strength, is certainly a saint, Kongxuan naturally not neglect. Zhen Fang waved, smiled and said: 'Now amulet has not yet started, these saints Jun purpose shall Hongjun, who dare to walk out of my nature is not a saint, but can also be affected by your worship, Oh, that accurate. mention really have the guts to let you out. also, even if you Daoxing bannedFor a long time. 'Bashan said:' matchless male side of the lack of strength, they are trying to defend. 'Baili Chao said:' That giant Quanjin good fierce ah! 'Little beggar said:' His internal organs called 'million-force', the younger generation of the few rivals. 'Just at that moment, he heard the Secretary mate sighed loudly:' Ho, our private affairs uncles who might be forgiven, as long as the big brother there on the right to cancel the marriage. Now you are not allowed to help with the door, which made the door rules in Article sin. Once the matter uncles know, we were both going to die, you can not be too stubborn. 'Just listen to Chen Sheng Long Liberating:. 'You had to put it nicely, you still love such as Big Brother, you go to help a person, I do not want to be rescued, he came to me afterwards Well, they obviously this is to check We illnesses, 'Secretary mate apparently had gas, the sound is a little, Jiao Chen said:' You do not believe me, 'Long Liberating sneered:'? Big Brother died, I was assured, '