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Shi' DUANMU party?'Mongolian side: 'I do not know how the first four House think-tank of Zhuge side has to Zongduo, Xiaodan Hong Lei now fly at only Meng Hua ......?!'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'Ms. Yan Er Meng Hua escapement to go!'Mongolian side 'Oops! 'Loudly and said: 'I had any brains second wife are truly about you're OK, originally enemy,!?' Qiongjia Bang 'has been on standby and dynamic, long time no wonder you ordered, relatives had become a friend.'Ha ha laugh, laughter behind, he then said: 'That DUANMU side ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'That's why I want to so much effort to master you borrow one hundred lies the truth!'Mongolian side said: '? Could it is to capture DUANMU party'Yanmu Fei said: 'You said it!'Mongolian side said: 'But you just mentioned the gold ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Who is the rich DUANMU party!'Balao three exclaimed: 'Good bastard, avoid them good!'Mongolian side said: '! Youngest is right, he should not even have hidden from me, no wonder he was up to dozens of nursing homes, no, where dozens of nursing homes in your eyes ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'You know what those who are nursing homes?'Mongolian side and said: 'Who is Who??'Yanmu Fei said: 'Kim is a rich man's Explorer 'live sentence' Pange, ten first-class nursing homes are 'fat, thin, double blame,' 'yin and yang of evil', 'Buddhism three', 'Pool's three poison'! 'Meng Mei Feng Yi Zhou side, his face slightly changed.Balao three exclaimed: 'Boy, are all first-class figures, top children master it!'Mongolian side and said: 'I do not know how little I do not know how it seems a little too clever not to hide them, that is, 'Qiongjia Bang' messages are not enough well-informed?!'Meal, then said: 'But this is not in your eleven eye ah!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Gold may have more than one home underground secret passage!'Mongolian side and said: 'I understand that you are afraid of him and ran.'Yanmu Fei said: 'You said, so I draw on under the command of a master, take the gold around a packed, birds difficult transition, in one fell swoop Chengqin for a long while, at the moment the most appropriate approach is to change the subject immediately. Independence Day Du wind does not like to talk too much, but by no means does the dumb speak, when to speak two or three words can certainly within the meaning of the expression to be expressed most vividly. Just at the moment, he happens to do not remember what to say. Du wind suddenly lightning across a mind, he at once a cold, I think of some of the places he ignored. He coldly speak directly to the hearts of the idea: '[Valkyrie] Lu Tianming not already soared to immortality upon a time, why, you just say the word last wish?' Speaking of 'Once upon a time' when the word, Du brow provoke a bit of wind. For ordinary people often pour endless envy upon a time, since twenty years ago experienced the hardships of that later, but a little goodwill Du wind at all. Once upon a breath contaminated with any object, it is hated. He also induced in vivo Lu Ya Xian Qi to have a presence, and only like snow lotus generally delightful Miss ya, can safely stand in front of Du wind speak. 'Wishes' the word, it bears much of the mystery. Once upon a Valkyrie has been soaring even be dead, it is an incredible fact. Lu Ya be silent, for a while before: '! Master Twenty years ago, you witnessed nine people.' Du wind suddenly thrust pupil contraction, 'Nine' is the defeat of all members of the extradition would end, and he was able to personally see Once upon them nine people, only a possibility. That is, when nine people open channels of soaring! At that time there were two immortal passage within soaring, Du wind in one who has had a strange feeling in the air. Upper and lower body as if it is a long one thousand flies covered with compound eyes, always staring at the opponent, to devour the opponent to make a strange atmosphere. Du even feel the wind, you must give full alert in the presence of, as long as revealing a flaw, it is possible opponent along the flaws, like the thousands of miles of Long Beach's own steel the King of Ghosts, Tianshu fairy already dead. Unfortunately, the attacker is E. If the attack to a human, even if E is also able to kill each other. Unfortunately, the opponent is the name of the human body does not immortal, E glass slide attack is caused to the other point of bruising. Tianshu sullen fairy beat the E to half of the body is gone. Hand pulled out the body embedded in the central cents. Sin is like the ice sword forged in general, after leaving Tianshu immortal body temperature immediately around the rapid decrease Xian Qi native body unaffected. DU wind and E to be coagulated blood like ice in general, and it gets wind of Du body recovery process has been stopped. 'Laugh' to cry, Bingjian split the wind Du body. After pouring the blood of countless picks frozen formed from the body. Du wind to hit is not serious, the formation of protective armor E slide was cut down, the vampireDu ghost lay dying wind feet. The Ghosts palm tight mouth twisted, a helpless look, passing power to his vampire after all, can not be equated himself worse was the way real combat. It sighed, Liu Ji and Li Guang-day no shadows, Luo Feile is right to worry. Liu Guang days Kyi and all seem to have some hidden agenda to resolve, in order to achieve their goals, even if they use or destroy the reputation of the expense. Plans for Du Feng, who secretly developed, it has been done that way, even if Liu Ji days missed appointments, even with their enemies have grabbed horsepower tie refined soul preparation. Hp bar has been knocked down, but there are three in front of the upper immortal, the sword-shaped cents, it is even colder than the condensation of low polar ice. Vampire blood body temperature is higher than the lava, but can clearly feel the D, E body's blood was completely condensed. Li Han and mystery fairy calmly confrontation with the mystery of fairy hands holding a book, in the role of the book, the land surrounding the fragmented structure of the human body as palmprint. Li Han looked at the