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Tan, said: 'Fortunately, our girls are being met, someone you want to see if there is another not so cheap.' Well, cry, accompanied by the A-kay keep up with the White Lady.Blind came over said coldly: '? The total seats, these two guys really Eagle palace Mody'Tan Liang Qi gone Compass eyes looking at three, slowly said: 'Can not go wrong, and the worldSecond place will have this Yaopai. 'Blind and said: 'So, that little girls are not really sink in width daughter.'Compass Tan said: 'Shen's daughter in broad impossible with 'Eagle Palace' to catch a connection, I made a mistake.'Blind and said: 'Why did not she say that?'Compass Tan said: 'She deliberately fix me, but also secretly helped sink deliberately wide daughters, in fact, she had said, and I may not believe in.'Blind and said: 'She deliberately whole you, determined to secretly helped sink in wide strokes her daughter why you mess with her, she is a Princess Ying Wang future, how will secretly helped Lu rebel remnants remain good??'Compass Tan said: 'This I do not understand ......'Suddenly blind Lengheng heard: 'The seat, if submerged in a wide convoy daughter really fall tour, I know who she is, the team just take the time, few female passenger is not it?'Compass Tan said: 'I thought of that, but now it was too late to recover.'Tan Compass face suddenly changed, and sudden snatch a red swallow the bird wins in the past, two straight stare that red swallow, mouth open Zhang did not say a word, but 'wow!' Slamming ejected a blood, being sprayed on the red bird swallow.Swallow this is the red bird red, and now by the blood of a spray, it is more red.Four residues stepped in, hand hold Tan Compass.Tan Compass break the four support, shook his head, this spake, and said: 'I does not matter, Dong Xin.' Passenger surnamed Dong lanky black belly now must have been It does not hurt anymore, promised soon to go over .Dong Xin Yi Zheng, said: '? Resignation total seat, you want ......'Compass Tan shook his head and said: 'My name is Tan, whether in the only alerted the entire Divine, even the whole world has been shaken, a huge evil spirits, baizhang compete Pangu virtual image, less than a moment on the show on television, major portals have reproduced a time, spread around the world. Of course thereFang Chen slapstick hibiscus that matter, in this case, the matter appears Divine touches people without excessive rendering, but once again the concept of deep physical and mental practice, have around for Cultivation of the gate where the streets qigong masters once again took to the streets, which have been claimed to be the ancient door which faction successor, and so on. Imagine if humans can achieve such a state, between waving dogma, the earth shook, you also need the atomic bomb? More importantly, can live forever, live forever concept enough to make people crazy. That day, when everyone is mixing magic rite, and other Buddhist masters breeze suddenly face became pale, have put down the weapon, dozens of streamer flying toward the hall, the hall at this time, long ago lost its original bizarre, treasure Numerous light appearance, leaving hundreds of Jian Zhang Baiyu, falls neatly on top of the hall. Divided the seat all the monks sit down here could there repair to advanced generation, most have of late God's strength. It is impossible by the huge pressure of seawater into the immortals, so everyone in their own martial art, said although the ancestral religion do, but here, to the status of each other fairly, the difference is only different Daoxing on it. Breeze Road, all the monks at the long sweep of the fleet in addition to the refining industry is still offering fire HL Zhen Fang on the mountains beyond, have been driven over, his face lighted up revealed though. But more was fear of color. 'Gentlemen, fellow, presumably just happened, we have the sense of evil spirits soaring, the momentum went about thousands of miles away, the devil apparently powerful strength, not my people, or one such as a martial art that can be associated confrontation