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resistance, the gathering suddenly slow. Tang Xiaolan palms a trick that minor fall down, semi-ping being placed in his palm, like someone gently put aside to do! Tang Xiaolan revealed this wonderful power of the central hand, so that was once called the acoustic startle those of a change for the cheers, but it also makes them have puzzled: when Tang Xiaolan fight with Longjian first branch jade arrows, how feeForce, which now take her second oncoming more powerful arrows, but instead lightly like a show of hands they took over? These people know where, Tang Xiaolan then being secretly crying. In others the years, he took it effortlessly arrows are, in fact, this is the skill of his life being together, pick up the arrows, and his internal organs had almost exhausted! TANG Xiao bar oil burnout signs, others have not noticed, Lisheng Nan is aware of the contest three games, she has secretly admire Tang Xiaolan, the moment secretly asked: 'Do I really want the world's first martial Grandmaster shoot arrows at? 'This benefit that room, she almost relented down, but between a switched, she remembered the wills left by Joe North sea, the mind has brushed gold from hard-hearted world, slowly roll up Jade bow, arrows third shot to the Tang Xiaolan! Tang Xiaolan still sitting cross-legged on the ground, listening to the sound of her bow, mind is totally despair: 'I can not think of a young Tang Xiaolan could even die in the hands of the younger generation!' At the same time this bowstring sound, suddenly heard there shouted: ' Stop! 'Lisheng Nan fingers shocked, but still the issue that arrows! Suddenly I saw a group of white shadow, Jiruo meteor, leaving Tang Xiaolan place in less than ten steps, went up to the arrow that sticks jade, saw his victory as an eagle set, prosperous on Bashen rush, 'When 'bang, then turned his head arrows will shoot an ice crack rock, that person also fell down! There are many people at once one voice cried: '! Jin Shiyi' South danced and shouted: '!! I knew Jinda Xia to come Hey, Jinda six stars, each advancing level, infuriating strength is about two to four times before level. After a six-star rating to infuriating, infuriating strength multiples subtle changes began to take place, in accordance with the individual's actual circumstances. But purgatory five squad members to cooperate to create a seamless FIGHTING forced infuriating pressure, at least the equivalent of three six-star power of ancient weapons. This infuriating high voltage power, even if the wind has superhuman Du multiple robust physique, but also can not afford. Du Feng has entered the array, the first steps, he walked quite dignified. However, the next few steps, Du wind started getting faster and faster, farther and faster. Soon he calmly walked FIGHTING center, single-arm pick up, put the weighing several tonsJeep thrown out. Jeep is FIGHTING front eye, Du wind move the jeep, in theory, should have been 20 times that at once infuriating Xisha star. May have been the jeep floor voice, front eye center also did not produce any abnormal changes. Purgatory face five team members together great changes, high pressure front center, like being swallowed Du body like the wind, without a trace between a flash. Du wind and wasted no time, the figure of a turn, it is necessary to walk out of the gap at the array. Purgatory captain fastest response, click on blocking the gap at the tactical deployment of the lineup again formed a perfect circle plum. Meanwhile sound Lihou, palms hit a ball on the Du wind shoulder. FIGHTING essence lies in the linkage, almost at the same time, throughout the rest of the four hands are all playing in the wind Du body. Du wind suddenly light: 'Thank you.' Had just disappeared without a trace of infuriating high pressure suddenly appeared, bulging body robes Du wind. The first one hit his captain just felt like a giant boiler broke general, high-voltage power without infuriating chou H slamming all through his arm Dangxiong hit. The equivalent of 20 five-star joint punch ancient weapons poison hidden in his mouth and committed suicide, but I think he must be a man sent Zhu Di!'Huo Jin Yulong startled, and said, 'Thank you, but for you ......'Yan Mufei smiling, said: 'Do not mention it, is now regarded as a family on, your main door now?'Jin Yulong: 'The main door with them inside and outside waiting in a woods, so do not personally, it is a fear that they found, but unexpectedly they still ......'Shook his head slightly, and said: '! Amazing, it seems the main door to underestimate them.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Zhu Di, who is famous for many years of expert, one treacherous treacherous resourceful, should not be underestimated.Lord sent you to your door What mission? 'Jin Yulong said: 'is to let me come to you and report this in Wudang meet with them to do!'Yanmu Fei said: 'I did not feed wrong, Zhu Di aspects of your main door meet with people who are ......'Jin Yulong: 'It was judicially Guard command to land!'Yan Mufei was shocked, and said: 'how is judicially land?'Jin Yulong nodded and said: 'Yes, he is.'Yanmu Fei Mei Feng Wei Zhou, said: '? No one else yet.'Jin Yulong: 'The main gate alone with the land surface is rendered met once, and did not hear the door Lord said someone else!'Yanmu Fei said: 'They are wary enough land rendered how to say?'Jin Yulong said: 'did not say anything else, he just put your place to tell the two main door, so that the main door to come to kill you two.'Yanmu Fei said: 'That book Secrets of it?'Jin Yulong said: 'Listen to Miss rendered that things are in the future to give.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Here, they'd dare not to, and now I do not know in the end alsoWhat people? 'Wei Han Ying said: 'It does not matter how long they can not hide!'Yanmu Fei said: 'It certainly is better now know their hiding place.'Eyes of a condensate, looking at Jin Yulong said: '? Your door insiders together yet.'Jin Yulong said: 'is in attendance, in addition to beryl, the whole can be said to come.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Beryl girl did not come?'Jin Yulong nodded and said: 'Yes, she was very his blood will be surrounded Shushan, within a hundred years, to destroy a pulse Shu Ming Shushan, Shushan future this may depend on you Do not you go you are the master of the old. ' Qi Shu Ming, who was shocked, Xun Yin Lan panic, said:. 'Great uncles, you Daoxing, why not go to rescue today, why turn I'm waiting to here, I, etc. Although Daoxing not high, but whatever the outcome, but also the last bit of energy do , are great uncles already know there today? nether leader deliberately let off Shushan not? ' 'Shut up, Yin Lan.' Qi Shu Ming shocked, and quickly shouted, though his heart is true speculation, but did not dare to speak out. Not only because of the mysterious Grand Master himself to great uncles, but people close disciples priest, calling the matter has been inconclusive Taishanglaojun also unknown. 'Meet the Shishu.' Mysterious Grand Master, his face ashen, DPRK worship Chen said: 'Bong teacher of life, choose ten people who taught his disciples came to Tianzhushan hearing.' Zhen Fang Qi faint sweep of Shu Ming, who at a glance, and said:. 'Tianzhushan Enron hear, can not be causal, Tianzhu Mountain, the life in your own hands,' the immortal mind slightly taken aback when he heard more are afraid to answer, and Zhen Fang and ordered the boy sounded Admiralty, called subglottic disciples came to preach, I saw dozens of people have come, sitting on top of the hall, listening to Zhen Fang explain Avenue mantra, which Road Act Tong Xuan, immeasurable supernatural powers, I saw rays shining on Mount Tianzhu, of clouds of light, shining distance, the sky visions emerged, ground lotus blossoming into the immortal body, the air in the Golden chaos fall, fell into Ni Wan among the immortal. Zhen Fang is with great supernatural means to direct the Tianzhu Mountain in countless fairy magic inject gas into the immortal body. Unconsciously, the immortal magic Daoxing is slowly lifting. And now Shushan, The carnage sky, an enormous bloody diffuse gas over the entire Shushan. Zhang Mei real face became