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know all the words of the elders to strong good sense, but also can distinguish between them, everywhere at this time, I am afraid to have a big good luck. Everywhere sounded happy, quickly stepped forward to worship and said:. 'Everywhere given the opportunity to thank the great elders.' Strong good elders nodded, light laughs: 'Divine door well-chen, but twenty infinite promise on supernatural powers, the future is bound to the door of the top beam character, Buddhism has Xie Shichiku heard qualification is also good, I must witch clan God there is a successor, since Chi big witch has passed you amber Shendao you is inherited his orthodoxy. To know Chi big witch but then twelve ancestral witch joint exhibit little fine blood caused, it can be said that I Thirteen ancestral witch witch family, but also because he places the body contains a variety of ancestral witch essence and blood, today, hundreds of witch I can already strong family. Today let you break this slate, etc. rescued from the big white witch, and he will There Houshang, but others find it does not come to the humble, in the future you have to take on responsibility for the revitalization of the Wu family. ' Heard rejoicing everywhere, can not wait, said:. 'Jinzun lucky elders, buildings will be when the due diligence, the group the Wu family of a pulse.' Strong good elders nodded, waved and said: '! Go' I saw standing before the stone-lined, hands hold a knife, Tiger step Bear wind, majestic stare between the amber Shendao, faint hint of carnage flowing, white tiger knife surface exposed faint trace to a surge fierce prehistoric blowing the breath of the beast, enveloped in a long flat over, really Daoqi not made, Daoshi been compelling, strong and so good elders looked at each other, his eyes full of shock. Wu family and everyone else's face is showing a trace of excitement. 'Tiger soul Shendao out!' I saw everywhere flushed, red eyes in the flow, fiercely radiance, leaping high stature, Shendao their heads shoved cut down, a red light as a and roared:. 'William, are you okay' William fear 'Ah,' whining, middle-aged man was slightly down the heart, the eyes were destroyed just a little, just to stay in one breath, to the Rothschild financial tycoons combined forces of the world association of ancient weapons, repair your eyes only dishes a dish. He was relieved, his head suddenly appeared opponents look when exposed to each other's eyes, the body can not help a cold. Na Liangdao cold eyes, like Mount Everest frozen in ice skates and snow for a thousand years in general, chilling. Liu fat moved unmatched, tears Cross Road: 'Boss, you can come, I know you will definitely at a critical time appear, ooo, ooo.' His heart is tears Cross, I thought myself fortunate that I do not know just what to eat the wrong medicine, and actually stand up against the world team, earned a chance to perform. If hiding behind, and now may have been cut in half Du wind up. Du cold wind tunnel: 'Do not call my boss.' Liu fat just woken up to be changed, the wind was a little slow for a DU tone: 'If you really change, but the mouth, so cheer up.' 'Wow, thank you boss, ooo, ooo.' Chills my heart to see a middle-aged man, in front of the fat man, set Yinhen, cunning, ruthless one, absolutely in troubled timesThe ability to become a generation of dignity, but the face of this mysterious sword-toting white man, but only in exchange for the opportunity to call it a 'boss'. No need to ask, he also knows that the opponent is the legendary [Independence Day] Du wind. As if for their own morale, middle-aged man laughed and said:. 'The original [Independence Day] Du wind than this, not only the only five-star infuriating, Daoqi can also use Zhanyi eighth down relieved.' Du leaned wind picked up on the verge of a coma zero Yang, Liu handed her fat hands, cold tunnel: 'Are you sure you remove my Daoqi it?' What he saw was a fragmented sculpture. William - Rothschild are from the ground up, the body appeared tens of thousands of small cracks, cracks looming all associated