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believe you, however, such a major thing, Kou Zongguan should have to pay a token to you, you will be taken out as a token credentials.' Jin Shiyi falseCommand, already know is not easy to win the trust of the people, in fact, but his intention is to test it! Now this class of words among the guards. Has confirmed the captives but locked up in the tunnel, they no longer perfunctory moment laughed and said: '! Well, the token here, you do not believe, you look at it,' that a few guards stared that awaits him remove the token, Jin Shiyi not absolutely laughter, and then shot at lightning way, the point of their acupuncture points. Both runoff inside Chuang, also encountered a few guards along the way, to see that they are the Guards officer, are not questioned, go soon, I would see there is a sarcophagus, outside there is a large group of guards, Jin Shiyi speaker said: 'We are prisoners were ordered to patrol, there is no trouble now, 'chief bodyguard said:'? without incident, how well outside downtown 'Jin Shiyi said:'? Let's kill a lot of people have been Meng Shentong, Mr. Simon and common phenomenon now . Kouzong Guan adults are worried that this battle with his squad captured the opportunity to escape, so call us to a tour 'That's chief bodyguard said:' You can go out and tell Kouzong Guan, told him do not worry about this group of prisoners, though they are a martial arts master. But Mr. Simon them poison, skill have gone, I gave them a shackled together, where they are heavily guarded, they insert wing escape the 'Jin Shiyi said:'! Well, you do very well! But we both ordered from, somehow a tour, 'given Kouzong Guan afford to see him martial arts, so he temporarily transferred to reinforce the guards here? 'Take out the keys, heart suddenly thought:' No, no! Kou Zongguan if sent to inspect, why not send one of us, have to adjust to a person Guards? Moreover, these two individuals is new, so how can we believe them Kouzong Guan? 'To know the Guards officers and Ouchi guards, though they are to the emperor find, so she implied that a few words of an assassination ridiculed say, Tianshan sects have felt matt surface. But ever do head face, they can only swallow their anger. rested, again slowly said: 'I have come to ask you what, I have already said, of course, is given to the Qin Mei Hershey sister, we though not familiar, then in Meng Shentong home, finally. Friends have had the same prison, I made an uninvited guest today, come to congratulate you not resist a thousand miles always right ' said:'?. Thank you very much, 'she looked at her uncle and mother looking, say These three words, they no longer speak. Lisheng Nan and said: 'Well, but not all for congratulations!' Feng Lin pair could not resist: 'You want one reason or another?' Lisheng Nan sneered: 'I did not think one reason or another, you want to see my daughter, her words I have hear, not to see your daughter in my friendship sake, I do not want it! Qin Mei sister, you wanted to see me, but I would like to inquire about someone's news? 'and she said it? I say it for you, you want to ask Jin Shiyi news is not! 'Remark, full house guests, have changed the whole complexionA. smiled coldly said:. 'You had good intentions, but also thinking about him, but he had not put your mind at ease, however, is the case, I would like to congratulate you not me greatly flatter your face. ! husband, you marry him, marry that meaner than thin Jin Shiyi much better defined, 'Feng Lin was furious and said:' Xiao Yaonv, you do not get out fart put over 'Lisheng Nan sneer?! said: '?? call, I was wrong what do you think the wife's mother is now also the son Jin Shiyi than you okay,' Lin Feng gave her angry Qiqiaoshengyan Chung Show whispered: 'Mom, Qin sister .! wondered Jin Shiyi news, let the people speak Li gossip girl, I do not care, 'Lisheng Nan laughed:' I can see the look good, in the end is the groom's brother sister Mei Qin reasonable for you. actually say it, Jin Shiyi is still alive, but his heart is only one Gu Zhihua, had forgotten you, 'Li Qinmei overjoyed, swordsmanship, has always been left to her elbow Patriarch system due to the monk. Monk got off the law because of the true mass, proficient in a variety of martial arts school Mangshan, he does not know Xuannv swordsmanship. If so, he has Tieguai in hand, with his martial arts, different chip than Gu Zhihua, of course fear, and now his hands empty, it can not some bogey. Battle, Gu Zhihua sudden loud hoot wow, sword shocked, Douqi dozens of flowers Jianhua, resorted to the 'beyond the flesh incarnation, externalization sword Sword' stunts, all of a sudden there are several dozen sword Piansi simultaneously to Extincting monk stabbed. Extincting monk was shocked to know much, not with the 'empty-handed knives wins' Take the effort, taking the sleeves waved vacated leaps, but could hear the rain brush, his sleeves on both sides, gave Gu Zhihua cut to a length. He foothold yet, Li Qinmei moments like these machines, and immediately changed the defensive to the offensive, a move 'outer meteor', hand in hand, tracking stab! Off Air France monk said: 'You little girl dare to bully me!' Stature fledgling mean something long arm stretched, trying to catch the big gimmick of 'King Tak wins whip' tricks, backhand buckle Duojian put. He was Liqin Mei martial arts skills, and he was far from her mind never will. Unexpectedly Tianshan sword, also had 67 points furnace, which look suddenly changed defensive to the offensive, from the 'big Sumeru sword style' to 'Swift Sword' type, much like thunder burst quick change of , and Jian Shi Jie, the even bigger surprise a monk off method. But to hear the 'laugh' is heard, he did not touch the sword fingers, wristGive a cut of the wounds, but fortunately he was scaling back quickly, or else gave five fingers cut off. French monks destroy an idea to underestimate the enemy, repeatedly suffer, Youjingyounu. At this time, two female victory by Lee Valley Jigong, grab the upper hand, though the monks wrestle off France, but also a tie of Kankan. Strange yet to see chase. 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