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Boy, this time from your thigh says the mouth, to the dawn to be successful, we are waiting here to see what you have come out to see the faces of people, ' said:'? That it does not matter. I did not decent teacher worship, but then he took me around a person's ability to have learned, not PiratesFrom there some explanation. Anyway, have you Jiuchi, you wait. ' Then, still wearing the mask, jump over the wall into the room. Xi wake Geying laugh and said: 'This is downright naughty little devil head, you do not make good discipline in the future, pay attention to your earthly it.'  the eyes stare and said: 'No such thing as a move to talk like me, just like he does real tell you, today was a meeting at the pub, I took his fancy Italian, Pirates tonight will not!. success, and I accept him as his disciple, but are not allowed to control this big deal Bale 'Xi wake up and said:.'?? You always do things Xinkouruyi, kid head, what benefits you value, even as he was hiding heart ignorant been willing to do. 'Ge Eagle said:. 'You know what, this is about my second child Fan help, this is the time use, no good this treasure is currently only able to open my temper and get a result of Cold Mountain Cold Mountain Laoni Laoni Tianjin dry fencing, hard Please, people are honest, even I refused to usurp the good stuff, not to mention her? not met, you can not ask. There is also a person can barely open mill, and Fan dick lover touches. this guy missed his name heart black, met disowned cheap. I really can not find it at first afraid I do not come, an Italian bitter wrapped, put full of good, so I agreed, gradually revealing selfishness, the desire to Make After that, I said through 'I am not the owner of this treasure, have no such perseverance and skill to go after a long day of practitioners, such as self-defense, but also use it to none, but also left a nice ring to share' remarks, variant design and I took the gun out, and I already not happy. Then he went Jinhua Liu mischief, I said I expected him endless untrue, only tell two, she is a strange woman, is a diamond in the rough of an expert'Luosan Ye silent a moment, nodded and said: 'To this is true, then it would not need to worry about three Luo, put her mouth to the Luo three small boxes ......'Black passenger said: 'San Ye gave me the possibility of the box?'Luosan Ye said: 'Since nothing wrong.' Immediately put the mouth of a small box and handed over his hands.Took it off the mouth of a small black box and saw the box was unlocked, just clasp, pondered a moment and said:. 'She put the box to Luosan Ye mouth, there must be meaning.'Luosan Ye said: 'White Lady said some jewelry inside, she asked me to take alms on behalf of the poor.'Black passenger shook his head and said: 'I am afraid of her intention not only that ......'Eyes of a condensate, looking Luosan Ye said: 'I want to open to see, okay?'Luosan Ye said: 'You just turn on that.'Black cocked off immediately to lock, opened a small box that mouth, something completely box pop up.Small box does have a few pieces of jewelry, but inIt also placed a few pieces of hair on top of a Su Jian, a few lines of handwriting that says Su Jian, black passenger startled hesitated and said: 'What I had expected, her mouth this little box, AC to Luosan Ye indeed deeper meaning. 'He picked up a piece of Su Jian, the light emitted by the car next to the line by line looking down, saw the end, he could not help sighing out loud: 'I do not know that she was actually really ...... The White Lady good mind, which look great tan Compass Laoer eat bitterness. 'Black passenger said: 'Luosan Ye, without further ado, the night belongs to you let you hit the road, where there is a promise beyond the mark, you belong to explain carefully, okay now, I feel relieved, excuse me.'Luosan Ye old head for the hot one, Mangjiao to find that handsome young man, put his hand to the mouth of a small box of a handsome young man to pay, on account of a few reminders handsome young man on his way.Handsome young man had left here without a shadow child