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bottom of the cave, ports are obliquely upwards, then one by one to see in the past. All holes are not very deep, the deepest but Zhang Xu, one jump in the care of people with fire. Only some gravel cave, there is no other matter. Going to find on the fourth, as is the high potential vertical little fierce, foot slipped and he heard loud giggle even drowning the sound of the stones, as if very well. Drill down, the front side of the original cave Chixu wide cracks, following through with a dark tan, because there are no rubble, the port is blocked and can not see. Force in the rubble of a step, nearly seam crowded slippery stones whereabouts. Mangjiang clawed through rubble, and lost two down. A profound, no other differences, known to be a natural stone awakened, as soon discarded. Left two holes, tied together, the level difference only Chixu only only between six seven feet off the ground. Heimo Le short people, standing on the ground, hands reach. So for a while no movement, again on the vertical. Pan Xue hand just inside the mouth to explore, Mengjue air Tucson man hair. Look around, catch a glimpse of a blue Yingying Guanghua below tempted to move. Hail general pledge to lay people can not afford to ban when. They want more concerns, looking up the roof, I do not know how to do. Suddenly like a hole in the eyes of glaucoma shrink off a bit, the following scene fades think deeper into the roof, the light is blocked and can not be shot down. As such circumstances, but can not take it. Only up and Zhu Sanshu good discussion again, more secure. Thought here, Akira bright fire up a photo cartridge, the aid had just been a long rope, gravel has been smashed half. Diameter pour narrow Bizhai, the still difficult. On going vertical, Meng see the roof of glaucoma swaying conspicuous desire fall. Suspected heart fetish activities, deemed as before, angry rattling scarification. Since Dating side, a glaucoma has been like a meteor and Crafts leather, to the top of oblique diameter, slipped to Mars scattered, sand