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the hall looking frightened. 'I do not know how to call a fairy?' Enron heart of a dynamic, if thought of a person, and said: '? The real fairy, but good luck.' 'Fairy not deserve it, but a Lianqi Pindao it. Even today some sense, specially come.' Fortune smiled real. 'You're not?' Secretary Snow suddenly mouth smile. 'Yes, it is the last waterfront Pindao.' Creator reality took the words, smiled and said:. 'That is destined to meet, I have one thing, the labor court today contact you personally, not neglect, not false in the hands of others.' Then you see a statue of Yuxi flying out of thin air, before the snow falls on the body Division. Secretary Snow is preparing to speak, ear Suddenly someone said:. 'Does not take over, I do not like being sick,' Secretary Snow surprise, squinting his eyes, suddenly understand something. Quickly took over, also Xiangmoxiangyang Jishou said: 'Thank you live.' Eyes still squeezed toward a real good luck. Seeing all the people on fairy feel amiable, only two buildings looked suspiciously a feeling something was amiss. Yes, this is a real good fortune claiming Zhen Fang, probably Qingliangshan a war, let lined seen all means Zhen Fang, this time into the River City, to have this means only Zhen Fang, not to mention, a move Secretary Snow Fang Chen Hath not come truth. But guess owned guess, but in the end not seen the real face of good fortune, but was not sure. 'I am a person here is enough! You have to go outside!' Fang Chen waved, shot several times, inevitably something to let others QiaochuHand, hammer after the solution has to go, yuan slowly hammer their hands on it to unlock, laughing: 'You think he is wise measures tend to suffer, is just one example, if you obediently take over the hammer, I will not play at you, because you are always suspicious, I will let you know the results wiseacre is not wise, you still honestly approached, with real skill than fighting it! 'Duron Holy roar loudly, give anxious to drop the hammer, hammer yuan is also shipped to greet, Mufei cold a chuckle: 'I'd like to see you this 'little Zhuge' make meHow? 'Moving followed.Zhuge party did not go somewhere else to go, he went straight to that room Vihara.Man Yan Mufei mouth should be the one, but looked sharp eye on Zhuge both parties, this elegant yet elegant Vihara.That total is two pagodas, one is outside the car study, which also sets a do not know what to use, probably residence Zhuge party.He looked at the room, went to his side Zhuge cypress pretend purple paint was smooth and bright desk, bent over and went to pull the drawer!In addition to want something, out what else he did not care, so standing there did not move, did not block the opening.Surprisingly, Zhuge side did not come up with anything else, he just wings Hebei drawer carefully took out a wooden cypress, Wang Zhuoshang a release, said: 'His Highness Lord, something here, please Take it! ' sweeping his arm and cypress wooden one, said: '! You partial months of labor, open to let me see.'Zhuge side hesitated, and said: 'Lord, please come to see Your Highness!'Yanmu Fei said: 'No, I can see standing here.'Zhuge Fang laughed: 'Chitose Lord, this box a non-toxic, non-explosive two, do not ......' said: 'There can not harm anyone, defenses can not do without!'Zhuge side and said: 'Your Highness Lord, open my box.'Yanmu Fei said: 'If you drop a die, you're a good deal!'Zhuge party laughed, shook his head slightly and said: 'Your Highness is regrettable that such a God can not trust people?'Hand smoke opened the lid of the wooden box that juniper.Eye clinics, Yan Mufei look help - shock, he can see clearly, it would only put a cypress wooden box only two things, two things that one can tell him what it is.Zhuge party timely and asked: 'Your Highness may know that this is what the Lord?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Dan iron coupon book!'Zhuge Fang said: 'Yes, this is the year I have four assistant Dynasty paid great merit, bestow the 'iron coupons' red book, Chitose God should know what to use it. 'Yanmu Fei said: 'they have committed naturally has his reasons, but I do not seem to need to tell you. . ' When it comes to these words, she did not want to let the soil seems strange to hear the sound with acoustic line cemented into the secret to the DU wind ears. Du wind leisurely said: 'You is in the base, and has been playing humanoid cents tendons and bones completely destroyed, forced into the cocoon state it?' Su girl unwittingly install the interface:. 'A' Only tell half the words she suddenly awoke, slightly sullen secret and said: '! You set my words.' Su loaded girls Moran said: 'I was his teaching out ......' Here she was covering his mouth, to Du wind glare, I thought I did not realize this solemn man actually so crafty, instant has been cheated out of Du wind word. Du wind indifference: 'The Sanxialiangxia be able to guess the secret, the secret of it so good?' Su girl dress sense of a strong hatred rampant again and said:. 'After my father's account and you will naturally be liquidated, but now, I will be forced to cooperate with you.' Du wind Changshenerqi, eyed and said: 'Once upon a messenger of tens of thousands of men have a humanoid Sally39s ...... there is such an enemy, you have to wonder every effort to induce me to New York, I guess horsepower plunge into you belong Under the liner, you also have all been by my hands clean sweep of it. ' Su installed as the default language is not the girl, Elsie wind lightly: 'What is your name?' Su loaded girl ignored him, Du wind shook his head: 'ILee Han say you can cultivate such a good daughter, I say that to him the words of apology. ' Su loaded girl once said: 'My name is Li Han, conservation of Han.' Then immediately stare Du wind. Hoping he can say about his father to twelve Baomei story. Du wind looking sank: 'You really are very good, but you come out to see my father even have no courage, I almost suspect that you are not his daughter.' Li Han surprised a moment, then the whole body shiver, shouted: '! Du Wind' Her body sends hot flash, beat to beat Du wind,