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teacher has been put under the door, the teacher was recently message, especially to help me hand Cho Young . 'Then give it a Yufu, mysterious all took a look, is really a pro-book Zhen Fang, strict Kongxuan De origin. That mysterious, who have long known Kongxuan skills, though curious Kongxuan when put into Zhen Fang sects, butBut because this moment in time there will be a saint income Kongxuan body quasi holy master hold the line, mind knows Destroys With a powerful guarantee. Hearts really surprise. So, ten people actually cobble together. No points when the Virgin Yufu, said: 'Gentlemen, this fellow can rely Yufu block of ten sword into the array after the removal of the long sword of ten, a big fuss even broken in half, as to which the land I am afraid. Young people will be able to block a Kongxuan of the. 'Everyone heard also have nodded. See Kongxuan Immortals came to know Destroys have some hope, the hearts of excitement, the moment sitting in the big tent, midnight midnight, starry, Purple vacated, shine entire Song camp, uprightness flooded the world, all of a sudden large into account, out of a photochemical, straight into the Sky, revealing colorful brilliance, like pearl agate general, after rolling roll forward, do not know what the situation is. After the colorful brilliance, there are numerous out your light, shine vanity, there are three flowers, there are whitecaps, there are wreaths, there Qingyun, varied, covering over CONSERVATORY Camp, glass piece, glorious Universe. , Among the opposite camp, land pressure Taoist forehead wrinkled, my land next to it swept across one big business, can not help but speechless:! 'Kim Sin is so great and I am afraid the other person explain truncated triangular taught masters are exhaustively attendance a. Unexpectedly, the door actually have such strength. ' 'Most of the cross-sectional teach human.' Lu press informed, said:. 'Too pure awe-inspiring, honest Yuqing, the supernatant fortitude that teaches them the human element of light but mysterious