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not extinct wrapped in Ming from the fire, blow over. Luoshu glittering incarnation of the hands of the Golden Book, was surprised to find a demon text, strange atmosphere, such as bone, like poison to pay constantly attack Zhen Fang's Body gold. 'So the trail also came presumptuous.' Zhen Fang side stick controls the hibiscus, pointing to the right with a single step, the first step suddenly emerged twelve fourteen product red lotus. Bright red fire mapping is not extinct, a fire red lotus flower blossoming around now, all of a sudden, as if surrounded by a lotus Zhen Fang Marine general. A road slowly rising orange flame, burning all around, those demon messages on a bang that layer of flame, FunOf ashes. Disappeared, where can threaten Zhen Fang half minutes. 'HL industry fire?' Ink cloud among Kunpeng face became pale, but he was the prehistoric man. How to see the first step of what Chufang Chen innate treasure industry fire HL, have this treasure in, as long as both the strength or less, it is impossible to break each other's defense. Kunpeng insidious manner hint of anger in his eyes, the year when prehistoric. Tao Zu Hongjun points treasure yet, but there is magic in the hands of three to five people, but also it. Emperor Jun Hetu and Luoshu, donghuang donghuang bell, book and town Motoko-ground ginseng fruit, etc., is also in the hands of his supreme etc. Kunpeng magic. Is in front of this guy, not qualifications, there congenital Lingbao ninety-nine scattered soul gourd. Let yourself endless fear, until the own Daoxing and magic are far above the other, only to find the door to go; now booing, the other party has not only the means to make out, and even magic can not compare myself. 'Master!' I saw a handsome young far to fly over, his face cold, who exudes murderous not Kongxuan is who. Zhen Fang overjoyed. Said:. '. Come just today as a teacher to let you see how cooking Roc' Then a loud shout, the back side was exposed to. An atmosphere of chaos filled the entire hall, large hall crowd seemed