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do not hurt feelings.' The young girl asked: 'According to the brother, how is good?' Shun China said: 'This is really strange I careless bungled. I do not think the black boy go, or meet me in person, or persons under dark duly ordered Please note feast, make a friendship landlord further care, 'the young girl said:.' This is not good. Master Kozo itinerant more hi secretive, unwilling people know. Brother first official local gentry families, hey beggars come home a little more banquets, amazing eyes and ears too. Lu veteran before the door very dirty miscellaneous items, free after school to practice hard Songshan fencing, cleaning once a portal, much better than before, although, in the end there are harmless in the horse is difficult to know. Had both met with Lu veteran contracting phase, there is nothing to explain to others, still recognize him an artificial yes. Such as fear of dishonesty, may be the servant and the temple abbot to say: this promise kindness, because the incident is forgotten, so he sent a message, the whole mountain beggar starting next year, in spring and autumn each issue Shi Shi send much rice, cleared up . Later, because that Brokeback Hanako since Tsuyuguchi wind, fear not what kind of generation, off to provoke, for a few of them coming, still do not know better. 'Shun China also extended feast reminds them a lot of inconvenience, heard deep thought, immediately summoned the dry servant, people rush to the temple abbot providers do not mention. Jiang and her daughter see interest in the matter, and asked: 'aunt, sister and also met beggar cents it?' The young girl replied:. 'My father in the day, my mother had seen this old across the screen of my late father He met with the sword he had just mastered, clean house in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, once home only to cold, and soon he disappearance. My father is also the second year of the enemies of the victims, from not listening to people talk together. Heimo Le Jiang and her daughter do not know the ins and outs of but it can only harm the human body and mind, the soul can not hurt.' Puppet has some uneasy, Dutian Ze lightly: 'Justice already has two kinds one is adhering to its own channel, which along with the time and turbulent history, people in for it to split, protest, they say, but it can never be sure right or wrong, that's just, from this point that the most supreme purest evil, that is kind of justice. ' He also sat down cross-legged, lightly: 'Another justice, it may not be there when history was born, but once born, just in time of the flood has not changed, the same, he is also the history of the flood is suspected , criticism, overthrow, and compared to the first, it is only a little different. ' His eyes revealed a meditation: 'You may not know, Elegy was in use during the test once the object is my partner, a mysterious ability to holders of history, he used to extract from the history of righteousness come and I fight, that is, you believe the first upright, later concluded that the first upright must rely on history can exist, no history as a reference, it is worthless. ' Righteousness velocity changes, more and more breath gathered in side, puppet body constantly shaking, growled:. 'Humans make history, history reflects mankind' Dutian Ze shook his head and said:. 'You are wrong, reflecting the history of mankind has the ability to forge out all the facts, so that any one person on behalf of the history of that with the kind of power and the times, are able to reproduce your justice.' His triumphant smile on his face finally revealed: 'The second of justice, is not relying on theHistorical existence of utopia, absolutely pure justice, it is impossible to make history, because it has already been felt after people died in history, it is just a pure child-like. ' He suddenly stood up, cold tunnel: 'Black is black, white is white.' Libra foot puppet appeared numerous cracks, he struggled to catch the edge of the scales, and yelled: '! This illusion, no, that's just wishful thinking is not worth