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Qi Han of the gas she can afford to stand, but she is now using a 'cloud whisk'Instead of' 'chill of the air can not eliminate, she suddenly hit years Hanyu, although endure affordable, but a sudden flow of blood is blocked due to the cold, but can not help reduce the skill-thirds And without leaving hands slip Hanyu years, almost no matter what is tangible, Bingchuantiannv used to the course can play freely, Lisheng Nan did not grasp. Bingchuantiannv of martial arts and is only slightly worse than her, an eating the loss, then immediately hold agility with heavy physique, then doubled the hilt, anti cut out! Lisheng Nan surprise display their 'hand whisk cloud' Kung Fu, a strike is successful, but still can not Bingchuantiannv sword wins shot put go, could not help but surprise, says Fortune, that moment, the day after Don bronze sword has immediate concern, a move 'chaos cloak' sword bite mouth at once and turned it into dozens of swords, stabbed her in all directions! Fortunately Lisheng Nan martial heterogeneous, resourcefulness , on this occasion of life and death, suddenly resorted to 'days Luo step' footwork, a floating flash, even from cross interspersed among Jianguang, to avoid the open. But in that case, she get clever Anti clumsy, retreat days have been sealed to Tang, Bingchuantiannv glaciers swordsmanship has also launched Si Shandian general, left a trick 'Miles Feishuang' a right move 'leaves a thousand mountains': heavy Jian Qi, much like electricity cold cold spot, will have a stormy surrounded impervious Lisheng Nan furious mind:! 'Yes, I see the face of the brother left alive, but with you tease about it, but you really have to fight from the life to come! 'Battle only to hear,' Zheng 'bang, the North sea Joe left that also pulled out the sword, the sword is Joe North sea deep sea mining rare metals are refined, light as onion skin, named' Cloud Conference 'more sharp than Longjian! CD cloud sword and touch the positive, Liang Bingjian are rare Treasure,' Zheng 'a sound before, soup from look at his footwork is also pressing Jiugongbagua position, did end the chaos, but I'm afraid to lure the enemy!' Zhen Zi said: 'Let's Jian Zhen, seamless, to lure the enemy if he so Jian Zhen more and more tightly enclosed, it is only since the speed of its defeat! 'Lonely Taoist pondered in silence, Suijue Zhen Zi too underestimate the enemy, but with this battle, indeed perfect, will put down the heart. In a few moments, the whole turquoise Taoist sword strokes, signaled the reversal battle, nine dragons like sword handle Yaojiao will Tuzhao Ming Jian Zhen's death compelled step closer to the door position, as long as one was forced into the dead door, that even if we have a big breakthrough in the supernatural is also difficult. Zhen Zi said: '? Shishu, how to' Lonely Taoist nodded and said:. 'This game is about not losing him,' At this time, Lonely Taoist thought it could win a set, but he is also a bit Strange, since entering Tuzhao Ming Jian Zhen, has always been to see the advantages of this account to send his disciples, both without any hard-fought bitterly, nine disciples but why are sweating? At the end of your mind already, sudden, I hear heard shouts, one finger sword, the sword shackled fire suddenly ejected a slip, a floating brunt Ling, once gave a half burnt face, Tuzhao Ming broke up a notch, sword refers to the East beat the West, guide play North Jiugongbagua Jian Zhen, suddenly chaos! That people see that his sword is actually made very high harmonics, but just out of a maximum of three cost collar. But the most powerful thing that mouth bit strange sword, the blade is a slip of a finger of fire, then it is time to tighten the battle, nine Wudang disciples huddled, there is no room for maneuvers flash show, and his Janus a finger, at least there will be a brotherInjured. . Taoist natural turquoise flying leaps, followed by three Wudang disciples from different directions towards me, their stature from the air, according to still dry, Kun, shock, against the four directions, Tuzhao Ming situation today. Zhen Fang by word of Jesus Christ, to restore the memories of past lives, although the repair has not been restored for now, but if given the Tianzhu Zhen Fang then practice for centuries, Zhen Fang absolutely can own strengthImprove a grade. However, Fang Chen also know that a hundred years is the most difficult years. Although Zhen Fang received a lot of memories of past lives, but leaving Zhen Fang puzzling is the year when hit Zixiaogong heard the word, and he is not pro Hongjun Taoist disciple, did not Nvwaniangniang made man of merit, also did not merit the western two Rikkyo holiness, but Hongjun Taoist still give love a road trip based Purple obscurity. Accordance with the truth they should be able to holiness before the second amulet, but unfortunately got himself in obscurity millennium Purple Emperor and died in Yaozu Kunpeng men, but when a crisis of its own, nor Taoist rescue, This is why? Under Kunpeng trio of all-out offensive, east Huang Zhong, Hetu and which one is not in the power of Hong scattered over his soul gourd, and its Daoxing but with the trio but rather just one person, but why After the fighting, but also to preserve the true spirit of its own, being put in six. Above the main hall, all of a sudden the clouds it to, it will be less than a moment the entire Tianzhufeng cover tightly, and from time to time may be seen on the Tianzhu surging, red lotus flower illuminated vanity, in which twelve Dinghai beads and downs uncertain, shiny cents, exceptionally bright, but unfortunately no one can see the clouds and the reality. Miller says that the Tianzhu cloud steaming fog around, red lotus flower is now out on Sky straight red, then a radius of about Baizhang size HL, HL up twelve beads in which fluctuating cents shiny, shine entire Tianzhu, dazzling. For a time, a radius of tens of thousands of miles. But the practice of power over a hundred years of Zhen Fang, even if there is a huge merit, can cover your soul, but millions of years of doubt in this quarter, but