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understand the point of it.!' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You want to know what I was using gas!' Yang Ying Yiliaoyisheng, she now noticed, waves from the air from Du wind body. Guang like force. Independence Day Shendao cut back from Du wind fall, conquering Shendao cut like a soft, fluid-like at the moment, quietly falling in the soil. Soils are hundreds of miles from the wonderful waves ripple, the Yang Ying firmly trapped in them, like ripples flow slowly erected entity, like a gentle hand, reached out to Yang Ying fluid trapped in the ring. Du wind turned. Light: 'Do you remember, when I want to give you a ring, you are not satisfied with the overall looks around, I finally cut the Independence Day Shendao refining give you a wedding!' Tears began to slowly diffuse through his face, Du wind hand and said: '! Shadow, breaking wife abandoned this style grappling hand, you can go.' Yang Ying looked bound body ring, abandoned his wife catch hand, the world's most bizarre catch hands. As long as there is a trace of longing exists between the two men, who can not be assumed to unlock. Du gas gush of wind who is extremely strange. Universe universe as vast as the day of evil spirits. Compared with the universe-day evil spirits, which shares the misty air was negligible. But then again grand vast universe, can not erase it out of existence. That is missing. Yang Ying Du looked up at the wind, shook his head and said:. 'Thoughts are only on their own land from the utility.' Mouth so saying, she has never been able to get rid of abandoned wife catch hand controlDu wind slowly walked to her side, quietly authentic: 'Do you know why you can miss the onset, because you are me and I am you.' Yang Ying body startled, hung his head sadly. You are me and I am you, like fish in water, such as a life and death. Miss the power of their onset has also proved this point, no matter how sober reason that he will never be able to change this fact, heaven Princess Tin Ying Liu Ye, Yang Ying Ye holy doctors, they can not get Shentong disciples Discovery to not know that this face to get bigger! could not help old and red. In fact, Meng Shentong is not his intention to shame, because Meng Shentong though a split bone continued reinforcement of the music, but not as good as the efficacy of the Sky cream faster and better, therefore called with Sky Shishu cream to drug treatment and yang symbol is red retreat, Meng Shentong suddenly asked:. 'more than a few games now? 'Ji Xiaofeng said:' A total of seven games, one and three double Fangsan Sheng, just pull into a tie. 'Meng Shentong waved until after the duo Ji Yang to step down, he strode out of the field so that the heart, deaf Lang said:' This is more than a lot of games, the sky has not earlier, as a by Mengmou made to you head teacher, you clever people in that experience, if you win too Mengmou, Meng Mouli that suicides, if fortunate enough to win Mengmou case thoroughly, ha ha. That will have to ask you in accordance with promise. The head of each bit of the disciples unto me Ha! You head is together on it? Or turn the wing to Mengmou? 'Originally, according to Meng Shentong and pain Zen Master said good, but by both masters, first Yuezhan another, if the party wins this pain Zen Master, and finally played by Meng Shentong, so way, Mangshan Conference at least they have 35 days to come to a conclusion. Now, Meng Shentong apparently can not wait, automatic early appearances, to be with his martial arts masterpiece, mouth pain forcibly subdue the major sects of Zen Master could ask him to maintain the original agenda ,Continued to drag, but the pain is what Zen Master identity, not to mention he also dimension nitrate major sects dignity challenge Meng Shentong, and naturally can not refuse. But who is going to go to deal with Meng Shentong, but it is prayer Shu Yi Fei, although to know Meng Shentong allows factions together on the head, but to imagine the pain Zen Master, golden master that identity, how can combined with other head man to Meng Shentong siege? That is Jishou said: 'Thank you, brother.' Present stature of a move, into a red light, suddenly gone into whitecaps among good long while, a red light washed out from the whitecaps, the fall of the cloud bed on, and turned into a human being, not Zhen Fang is who. At the moment I saw the whole body Zhen Fang breath heavy, extremely irritable between vaguely, full gas killing, the entire supernatant days can feel as if one of the murderous, all creatures in this moment lying on the floor did not dare move. Well quite a while, Zhen Fang round of merit behind rising gold, gold among the misty breath of Heaven, so a moment later, killing its large air before disappearing without a trace. Zhen Fang sighed:. '. Laojun inaction, Yuanshi dignity, fortitude Pangu three clear sky varies, but it is inherited from the Great God Pan Gu to third character, incompatible with each other,' the original Zhen Fang is this to strike Pangu mark from. Pangu open days of the year when good and evil were two dead and Romania into Hongjun, the soul is also divided into three, three clear of Pangu Pangu mark also divided into three, three different imprint created three different to personality, Laojun of inaction, Primus majesty and Tongtianjiaozhu fortitude. Inaction palm cultivation, majestic palm authority, fortitude palm killings, Zhen Fang Babel had left Pangu mark, therefore, just a moment, filled with gas killing, is the whole truth of the. 'The Young and the remaining two had better Pangu mark for the brother shot?' Tongtianjiaozhu sighed. Taishanglaojun with Primus two may not be as Tongtianjiaozhu as Zhen Fang and befriend. Jun Road dish hands ancestral fortune Yudie, Zhen Fang want to get the other two Pangu stigma is a very difficult thing. Therefore, there is this question Tongtianjiaozhu. Zhen Fang shook his head, smiled and said:. '! The matter is not urgent touches the sky brothers, jambudvipa very great, good luck subglottic disciples were scarce, but also to please the brothers help ah' side of his face a moment