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sweet and said: 'You is the first time for me to speak Haoshenghaoqi, but ......' Lu Ya column from an light blue body broke, break through the lake front community Chung She Su Rong said: 'Lu Ya name is you, but life is family division, who can insult Valkyrie hit moves in front of Lu Ya.' Stay in the front entrance to the community, Don always looked confused situation suddenly uttered a scream, the lake had a clear sunny skies clouded moment, after the faint rumble of thunder, lightning and a huge cylindrical pouring down from the sky, Watch Trail on the lake in front boundary layers. Pizhen open electricity covered the entire upper lake front community is still intact. Steel giant's body, like being struck by lightning, like, shudder no more. Lu Ya face due to excessive bleeding and even more pale, inside her body and then immediately broke an infuriating, Zhitou sky. Disintegration of the once powerful demons, it is only enough to trigger a change of days only. Pila acoustic shock Lightning entire lower lake, the tiny spark has been down across the front boundary, in the lake, like electricity scurrying around like a snake. Lu Ya eyes emitted terrifying light, snapped: '! A knife ah' Dozens interwoven into prisms of light from Yao Lu Ya body out, she was the mystery hidden body infuriating, all in the form of a one-time demons disintegration erupted. Steel giant no longer contain himself, howling crazy, a very bright silver light illuminated from the lake, down the middle Zhipi landward Ya. The whole world seems to be able to shock collapse of muffled sound, hundreds of lightning shot down off the shuttle over the night sky, even enough to seal Du Li Han infuriating wind and lake front community, has also been a strong power play apart. Lu Ya optic shuttle over the body on her thin body, bearing in mind the countless injuries, and finally unite into one lightning glove Lu Ya docked at hand. Roar, Lu Ya petite body with electro-optical Lueqi, crashed into the steel giant and giant flying from