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has been on fire, is it really is to a lot of enemies? 'Last night it get Meng Shentong mysterious place, told him that there are many experts come to spy, he was skeptical when fashion, but now it is completely convinced. Fighting for the hundreds of strokes off empty-handed French monk to be the enemy, Wu is accounted for less than any advantage, at this moment, and Lisheng Nan Chen Tianyu couple also has run in the forest, Lisheng Nan laughed: 'Where to this black does not slip marsh monster? Come catch the monster it! 'They saw off French monks arrived, where they dare to go on fighting, heart and said:' If do not go, I'm afraid to capsize in the gutter! 'Moment Slam palms, will Liqin Mei Potui steps, immediately rushed out. Youping two fingers with bombs, issued three' God Bingpo bomb, 'the monk saw off France badly, turn directions flee. Lisheng Nan shouted: 'Old Tulv, you eat me a bomb! 'A bayan, lilies sent flames bomb, destroy France since monks are thinking:' In addition to the Bing Tan Na Yaonv, what got hidden weapon to hurt me? 'Mind is not already, suddenly heard a bang between, in front of a group of black smoke black smoke shrouded under ...... Jisi fine as hairs light, destroy method monk surprise, the heart and said:' What is hidden weapon? 'Hurriedly sold for a record Pikong Zhang, Lisheng Nan's regret flower pin though powerful, but can not, and far off the French monk back very quickly, with this in mind Pikong Zhang, plum blossom needle certainly not hit him, but He was a smoked smoke, his eyes red and swollen tears but also applaud Lisheng Nan laughed:. 'Old Tulv know much, cry it! 'Monk furious destroy method, rubbed his eyes, trying to pick up stones to fight back, sudden, I hear a clear voice cried:' You eat me a bomb! 'Off French monk has made only when it is hidden weapon, is a mind Pikong Zhang hurriedly sold, while back Jitui, but unexpectedly from stature parties sudden sharp pain in the ankle, as if giving general pick hamstring ! So thisHair hidden weapon who is the south, he disappeared in ancient weapons cocoon, with the role of day thunder and body re-condense infuriating. Only after each use infuriating, infuriating will disappear again, you need to face tenrai test. Now girls can say physically very weak prime equipment, but her eyes kind of courage is in any case does not come disguised. Du wind suddenly thrust hand, will throw tens of meters outside Shendao cut, lightly: 'I cooperate with you, what are the conditions put forward despite Come.' Su loaded girl quipped: 'The original Independence Day Du wind, unlike legend says that evil spirits and full of hundreds of blood spattered five steps.' Du wind light: 'I do not want to talk nonsense, I just say, I am a wife, a friend of the people.' Tense atmosphere between the two gradually calmed down, plain dress girl seems to say something, but I do not know where to start. Du wind that sentence cohesion and Independence Day in extremely cold breath sad contrast, abruptly her strong sense of hatred to suppress it. Instead Du wind first opening and said: 'Do you have any conditions, even though it opened up!' Su loaded girl took a deep breath, eyes also become very clear: 'Lee Han adults will cooperate with you, the first tie down with horsepower, all rivalry be resolved after the overthrow horsepower tie.' Du random wind nodded, eyes hidden in the shadows of people look, lightly: 'Who is he?' 'None of your business, and he is not our ally, and we will not intervene horsepower tie things.' Du leeward side of the side head said it could not understand her words, plain dress girl explained: 'For him, me, you and the horse are constrained tie, I promised him all his plans did not conceal his compensation was also not to intervene thing between us and the horsepower tie. ' Du wind cold authentic: 'So, then we do not bullshit, it began immediately.' 'Start what?'  Great Falls, Milky Way like a heaven-like, hanging out into the lake beneath the thunder, the sound is like thunder as Roar again, but now all that has changed the the conference table, but also the rest of the cloth with a few seats, seat upper upright sitting four people, or that the four groups of gas. Five people invariably return to [virtual] gas for its own morphology hidden from occasionally leaking out of breath characteristic of view, this level of all five people on Valkyrie successor Lu Ya. First yellow windbreaker young blithely opening: 'how, this time without a video conference?' Sitting in the center of the person coughed, voice revealing an ethereal sense of chilling: 'You are called to put this, I think you should be able to guess what is the emergence of a serious situation.' Two seats on the people did not speak, yellow windbreaker youth grunted:. 'There are too many of these years [wind] Du really ran out, I have to deal with too tired.' Middle voice stained with a hint of anger: 'This guy is not the same, my team hell, purgatory team, world team have been destroyed.' Calm voice sounded again: 'horsepower tie your hands to the achievements so far are massacred some low-grade ancient weapons only, if you run into super ancient weapons, wiped out entirely possible, there is no evidence that the man is Independence Day DU Wind. ' Another hoarse voice Qingke twice, temporarily interrupting each other's words, and then only slowly authentic:. 'Lee Han According to our information obtained, team members have betrayed horsepowerRolling toward each other adults. ' Hoarse voice, like an invisible thin blade in general, every word hit the other side of the joint vital: 'I ask who this charm, allowing team members who dare to betray horsepower tie adult.' Hoarse voice lengthy said:. 'You may not know it, betrayal of people is the black clown and then you can be considered an old acquaintance Du wind, Oh, you should understand his charm, but he openly pry away your woman ah. ' Yellow windbreaker young mouth flashing a smile, always Weibi suddenly opened his eyes, like the inside of the light projection of gunpowder rifle blazing like: 'Radial, do not earlier, I thought yuan bow did not answer, Wu Yunshan laughed: '! Well, totally good, no problem at all.'North Korea said in Qiong Yao Yuwen blinked, making her look relaxed down immediately become due modesty Fei Hong, South Biao pleased smiles: 'Miss Owen owes this ......'Xue waited rushing said: '! No loss, no loss, if not the main fact Yu sacrifice to rescue us, we are buried alive in a cave in the fire, and we should help each other.'South Biao said: 'Having said this, but the lady at Yuwen name section ......'Xue waited laughed: 'all of us, in the name of the section What blemish loss!'South Biao paused, and came to understand the big smiles: 'Yes, yes, all of us, ha ......'This laugh so very sorry Qiong Yao Yuwen, slander had then said: 'I think this class Emei Tulv hate ......'Yu Shi Yuan quickly said: 'It is no wonder that they are, they are also subject to hijack ......'This Zhong Yu asked: 'Master, here's how to dispose of it?'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'The older they got!'Yu light went, attracting a monk, sadly together even said: '! Sin Monk warfarin see the main fact.'Yu Shi Yuan quickly also a ceremony and said: 'Master refrain from this, after all, the master is to know ......'France and China sad and said: 'I know, blame the portal misfortune befell the giant disaster, France yuan brothers Gouquan cut heart too, in order to protect the portal, had to compromise with a mischievous person ......'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'That you all know people like that blue Meng thing!'France and China bowed his head and said: 'Blue Butterfly Dream is the main fact of the desert, but he had control of the camp, only a few unworthy use sects to the whole school life and death as a threat ......'Y. life and said: 'no compromise with Jiantu good fruit!'France and China sadly: 'But the enemy situation too, if you do not compromise, there stands Daughter miserable, France yuan brothers last resort, the main fact lenient please be understanding song!'Yuwen Qiong Yao angrily: 'He was damned, currently able to compete with the reluctantly though, also ordered the two men embark on a being, but it is voluntary and the line, but this world who will not bother to do it yourself, but it is to a handful. With all the monks slowly Zhang Ran purple clouds on the ladder, looked up to see an arch, a milky white light from the air and fell slowly, as if a curtain of water falling from the air, Rays shining, reflecting the numerous road haoguang, very beautiful, yet all praise, all of a sudden hint of surprise on his face the color, the light is not turned out that thick fog mountain composition, but in Dafa force supernatural aura mountain will gather so, the formation of semi-liquid Ling-yu, falling from the sky, the crowd went into a whole body meridians. Have lamented Zhen Fang is really powerful, and all the monks but also know that this magnificent statue of St. Paul, is not just a decoration, is probably part of the Alexander array of nursing. Over the arch, is the emperor riding peak, peak original Cihhang a pulse, but backsliding into Taoist Buddhist Chi Hong, Cihhang a long pulse does not exist at this time, then centrifuged fairy death, Cihhang a pulse but it is only the descendants of various sects Arts in Zhen Fang, while centrifugal fairy palace but although Ms disciples, but it is a relationship with the Creator were ambiguous palm teach Zhen Fang, Merciful One point is equal to this point has been broken veins the road system. However, there are still Cihang hall, but it has hundreds of square futon, apparently Zhen Fang future will be here to preach, 'Polaris bible' lies. Emperor stepped away from the peak areas, misty clouds. Yunshan above, there is a hall shining golden round after round, straight fearless, 'good luck Temple' three official script characters, flashing Yingying specter, so everyone can see it clear all the way. 'Guests from afar, beneath PindaoSaw plums into, lest entertain disrespectful, put on a smiling face walked up and said: 'Lida Guan man, long time no matter to take care of the shop, Treat sit