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authentic: 'What can she and Yang Ying ratio.' Liu Ji day slowly moved to the side and quietly in her ear and asked: 'Who Yang Ying is?' Unintentionally rub with their lips look earlobe. Earlobe is the most sensitive to a woman's place is her touch was Jiling, then despair. From this little trick she knew, this is the same as Yang Ying and demons and angels comprehensive type of person, her only reaction on the left desperately Radu wind, try to Du wind around away from Liu Ji day. Liu is the only day of the butterfly did not see Liu Ji-day people, from beginning to end with a straight face, but smiling Liu Ji day called her:. 'Auntie' Plop little fox fell to the ground, groaned: '? What you call her.' Liu butterfly day seems to be childish days than Liu Ji, Liu days if Kyi called her sister, the little fox is still not so unexpected, one aunt almost scared the little fox last breath. Liu butterfly day jumped anger, loudly: 'ILike you promised it, call my sister. ' 'Ah, that to others if you do not put into effect in heaven revealed the secret agreement.' Yoo Ji-day sweep across Xu Yuan glance, Ji Zhi, pointing at him and said, 'I do not believe he's a little secret for Once upon do not know.' She leaned close to Willow days quietly butterfly ear and whispered:. 'Men and women have a special time together, both men say to a woman what she would say, is not it.' Liu butterfly day apparently not lie, his face flashed a burst of red tide shy, categorically said: 'not to say, I really did not say.' 'I believe you, sister.' Wind well aware, this is the city in the desert, covering the entire gas virtual reality. The kind of strength even just Guang deliberately unfolded tip of the iceberg, if that Guang want everyone to stay in the desert city, they definitely one could not walk. In Guang body, Du rumor to him the same thing, and that is the spirit of the Warrior effortless. There can not be completely wind Du perception of things, which keep the faint smell of blood and a touch of sadness atmosphere, unhappy, but, Qi Ge, if it is rushing the whole 'Red Band', I You're welcome to say, I will never let that two out of 'Fu Ji inn', 'Red Band' is what kind of organization, I may not understand, Qi Ge, but does not know. 'Pale face while the red man, while white, but could not say a word.'Clap plaque fire' his face embarrassing, would rebuke him a stare pale man go.Mr Yam said the words: 'Zhanger Ye, I told you, so that these words did not mean to make you to help regulate punish his disciples, not fun to have a few young people, as long as Zhanger Ye Fair tell you cry uncle, the future multi-constraint 'Zhangjiakou' these 'Red Band' brother, is enough. ''Thunderbolt' slowly said: 'My friends, family rules, state law of the land ......'Mr Yam said: 'Zhanger Ye, really say it, that the two did not violate the 'Red help' to help gauge Zhanger Ye take what you want to punish him two, 'Red Gang' to help regulate and does not expressly provision disciples not to spend money to have fun, is not it? 'Zhanger Ye said: 'This ......'Mr Yam said: 'His two only fault, is not it clear where this training hoot meal, after the bundle is enough to pay more.' Let him say good things, bad things also let him say, this person exactly how personal?Pale man can not help the fact that he looked puzzled look, 'Thunderbolt', too, Xuan Xuan eyebrows, said: '? Friends to see Zhang's brother, is to be so'Ren nodded, smiling, said: 'Yes, the poor girl was heavy enough, and hope 'Red Gang' brothers do nextFind her trouble. ''Thunderbolt' and said: 'This friend assured that in the future a little trouble Shen girl again, as long as the 'Red Band' disciples dry, friend, you are the only person I asked Zhang is.'Ren Bao Quan said: 'Thank you Zhanger Ye!' Leaving two children made money, go.'Thunderbolt' Reaching a bar, said: 'Hold on, friend, Shen girls want to go to Beijing, and that it is not self-cast jaws of death?'Mr Yam said: 'Shen girl this trip is very dangerous, but since Mr. Shen is now difficult, she as a child, can not seek rescue