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Once upon a time.' Meanwhile. The human world, a piece of extremely quiet forest cover by Du breath of wind completely unable to see. Lu Ya mushroom soup is cooking, according to Liu drooling at the side smelling, Du wind lightly:. 'Poisonous' According to Da Cici Liu scoop up a spoonful into his mouth and said: 'You have to eat poisonous ......' Not enough time to taste, according to Liu suddenly pale, clutching his stomach quickly ran down the trees, the sound of waves Gululu pinned odor coming. Lu Ya his nose and said:. 'We are two couples ancient weapons, you do not force the top of what used immortal' After a full half-hour, according to Liu was drilled out grimaced and said: 'You actually fix me, know each reincarnation of Heaven, God should take me and making it, so I have a chance against him, ha ha, Unfortunately, every time I fail, fail, ah, Independence Day, this time I'll win it? ' Du wind silent and looked at him, lightly: '?? I want to ask you a question, Liu according to you, or who you think you are just what the name sounds good.' Elsie's eyes flash of light wind and said: 'One man ...... Jiuzhou Island is actually you, incredible ......' According to Liu sadly: 'Do not mention the past, now I set this gamble is the most dangerous time, Independence Day, the face of the King, you have to win!' In China, Shandong Tai'an. Here there is a remnant of the original ancient Guo, now only left a large mess, stood side by side in front of the ruins of two figures, a lanky, a delicacy. That's what Young zero and horsepower tie. Sky in chain robbery star has lit one, after sinking as Daomang robbery star-shaped lights, horsepower tie sitting in silence in front of the soaring ruins base, is housed in horsepower cents tie body, personally destroy his own and established bases soaring horsepower tie do not know what it's like mind. He looked at his hands covered with green slime, he actually is a robbery, his X's really funny. It is for the same time and robbed Futian Di Star, Mountain God was