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generals are instantly more than doubled, Kamiya silent comb has brought to the trembling voice: 'You're fighting methods and I like the sound of a powerful generals ... Biography out: 'using a similar method to fight in my world there are many. ' Kamiya silent comb bloody eyes let the light: 'Your World?' General light: 'my world, and you different world.' She held out her tongue only did bloodstained licked his lips: 'People like you should be unique in the world as long as the person down with you, right down with the world.?' General shook his head: 'I am an ordinary person, and you have had similar experiences in CapePeople. ' Higgs Stewart suddenly the sound from the back of the generals Cube came back: 'People like us encounter, which did not exist!' While the sound, like countless bloody claws like vines from the gap in the jet out of the cube, tightly grasped the general body, in general not come and struggle to open before, Kamiya silent comb has been pulled out edged knife, plunging the generals to the body. General immediately feel like their strength like an hourglass flowing quickly lost. Ninth sword. Kamiya live streaming seal heart fencing - solution. He struggled to roar loudly, burly body abruptly Higgs Stewart's sharp claw are reversed. In turn, like a razor, like the Higgs Stewart's body to cut crack, so the generals unexpectedly, the Higgs Stewart does not take into account their own lives, but the shouting and said: '! Kill him, kill him.' General positively metal cube has been dissolved, he saw lurking behind as the sun's rays in the cube. That is not the sword scabbard, cut Shendao incarnation has been pulled out. More blazing sun's rays, and finally the front metal wall is completely melted. Tu figure out now, his body had been burned hot light, he just does not bite issued a scream, but in trying to twist the sword. In the eyes of the general appeared to enjoy the look, and the wind compared to Du. The man in the military trail talent weak. Yun sword from his clumsy to become a monster no temperament, I think it is a sin ...... ' Yuan smiled and said: 'Immortality of the set, designed for a person born tranquil longevity and opened the door, we all non-its kind, Xian Yuan can only say that is not enough, dust heart too, talk about this issue, or Duron palace to go! 'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Yes, this is gossip, Mo mistake down to business, let's go!'Five individuals from the Dong Fu, Tianchi Venerable take them to embark on a path, turn a ride in front is a towering height and Tianqi absolute Ridge!The whole mountain in snow coverage, the more non-variegated, the sun shone on the snow, issuing harsh reflection, although the small diameter lower peak to climb, but it is quite difficult, because the so-called small diameter, it is only some outstanding ice, only to go just, sometimesWomen who have stopped drunk carved wood like Dai Li does not move, then the middle of each face are slowly showing a red bloodstain, followed by half a head from their body, slowly unloading fall. Dozens of fresh life, became an instant pile corpses. Young zero tightly clutching his mouth and it did not cry out. This is not by chance, even if the rope break was an accident, there is no possible way to draw the perfect wave, will everyone just cut in half by the middle of the face. Du's face no trace of wind touches, look to being drunk and walking on the deck a few of the men and women who. These people do not know ballroom companions have all been killed, threw to the side railing, it brazenly kissing up, quite frankly, in each other's hands fumble. Young zero Fenlian see hot, but after a second, she suddenly stared. Young zero can not drunk, she clearly saw that a few of the men and women behind the railings twisted up, and turned it into six shares sharp hook claws, ferocious drunks who stormed the chest and abdominal cavity to go, the sky suddenly screams sounded. ' Liu fat screams collapsed to the ground, he looked pale and ground fire in patrol, ship had left the land, now us, in the evening, we assault out into the possible attack, retreat can defend, you will lose! ' Yuan laughed and said: 'You want to land in the hole difficulty moving, invisible Jian Qi told the guy to raid, but turn the wrong idea, I do not care what the invisible Jian Qi, but must be a duel in broad daylight, called him a kind came out, no species obediently dodging, I pulled him out of its own way! 'Huang nine degrees to see him say it, his face upheaval, then sneered: '! You wait right, one to the dark, we immediately set out, do not think you stand now slightly upper hand, I am afraid not many people can see tomorrow's sunrise.'Yu Shi Yuan Wu Yunshan understand why this should hurry to force them out, if you wait until it gets dark, they secretly assault, both familiar terrain, roads and great, just invisible Jian Qi, it very hard to drag drag is not absolute, is smiled and said : 'can not wait for nightfall, I will bring you a full kick out!'Huang nine degrees sneered: '! In your dreams, this underground connections, and Shiji Li Fang, let you pour fire attack, told us to not even think about it, you can not come in, waiting for the night to endure sword.' yuan a chuckle: 'It was nearly noon, however, there are two three hour away from the darkness of it you might as well head to hide huddled little serious, look how much you can hide!!'Huang nine degrees no longer answer, sideways and withdrew. yuan not care for him, because the stone wall has been destroyed, the lifting of steel Shimen practice can be seen, the use of tools and try dagger he will practice all the cable cut.Shimen have to fall, he and Juli South Biao also use the Shimen eleven down, cut a few more of the total New Zealand, the CryptBut if Tang brothers, but why not see him? 'Jin Shiyi hear secretly funny, heart and said:' is also regarded guessed half. Don after day until they are renowned, not suspect me. 'Chung exhibition and said:' I just woke up and seemed southwest direction, there is a very strong sound hidden weapon piercing, eyes like as Limang glanced Liu fat. Yang with zero as the fat also has a very strong will, Yang zero is at the expense of their own, but also to protect the owner's will, and this fat, it is in order to protect themselves even a toe hair, but also at the expense of the owner WillDay is not for you? 'Yu Shi Yuan took a population chew light, cool can Qin teeth, taste really Lush incomparable, he ate one, I am sorry to eat a second gold!Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Please eat two, and you have to go to the snowy, cold, nothing else is available to feed their families, but also intolerable Qi Han, have this two pears, not only can cure ten hungry days, and can resist Qi Han, otherwise I would not have come all the way to pick up passengers Bong, this pear after debranching, can not stay, please use the talk! 'Everyone will be heard only two Sydney ate, Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Thank you, Venerable Houci, Venerable known we want to do on a snowy errand?'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Nature knows that you are going to find blue Meng!' yuan can not help Yie, he laughed: '! Do not worry brother, apart from me, no one Tantric practice over days eyes Road, only I know you come, do not know Meng blue'This put a heart yuan, Yuwen Qiong Yao said: '! Venerable escape prophetic, really admirable.'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'This is because the static and superficial effort of wisdom, not worth mentioning, humble Qianxiu years, the foundation was only a quiet word of it, said the achievements even close!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'So in the snowy mountains of the Blue Meng really?'Tianchi Venerable nodded and said: '! Yes, he must heal the snowy peaks of Duron palace, and now may have been good, but you find him quite easily, Duron go to the palace is not an outsider.'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'Blue Meng how can it go?'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'He is a disciple Duron saints, nature can go!'Four of whom are surprised, Tianchi Holiness also said: 'Miller poolside with Duron people up to the door of the palace, the current head of Tantric Duron