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motionless figure, Liu Ji suddenly change color day and said: '? General Lee.' She discovered Guang waist jug spout toward the ground, precious drinks constantly flowing into the soil, Li although still proudly standing, but no trace of the body active breath, as if suddenly asleep. Liu calls for three or four consecutive days Kyi sound, Li Jiang Li still is not moving. Her teeth and said: '??? You just told Lee used what is the ancient martial art, or sorcery.' Yoo Ji-day sneered: 'This is the secret of heaven, I can not obligated to tell you.' Du wind indifference: 'I only know that a thousand years of longing to protect a person, but also can corrode a man, I believe he is better than a thousand years ago, strong.' Yoo Ji-day angrily: 'If there is more than one thousand years ago, Lee Strong, you already Siwuquanshi, you in the end to what he used?' Du wind indifference: 'Little Thor will be my fate, temporarily reversing to twenty years ago, I just gave my life Raytheon degree grid again just to Lee.' Yoo Ji-day ah cry, finally wake up. Du Li Han wants to reverse the soaring summit winds of more than twenty years agoState against Guang. Even so lack of fear, DU wind actually put this fate Guang passed. Top Ancient Warrior's body, it will automatically resist harmful to their ancient martial art, but if it is good for the body of their ancient martial art, but it will naturally absorb, remember that three wind Du monument open hand, not aimed at the destruction of Guang body, but the fate scored Guang body. Yoo Ji-day sighed, General Li Fei sustains life, and a thousand years is endless stretches thoughts, even cut off all make a clean break, can not annihilate thoughts. There is no ancient weapons can destroy that part of thoughts, including parachutist himself, he was sleeping in the thoughts of dreamland. Liu looked at Guang Ji day, Du wind lightly:. 'I know you can wake him, he just wake up, extradition would have no power to stop you.' Du wind behind Ghosts have been lying on the ground,