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wind swirls only after the cut in accordance with the principle of God realize the type of blast Roughs seven. His ship was eventually kill the waves destroyed, Du wind sword to cleave XuantieSector is not easy, if you fall in demons ...... 'Xuenv brow Yang said: 'You forgot our precepts, and all the things each tube, to keep yourself enough, I do needless worry, Kangsi Han, I'll take you up!'Yubi soon Qing Xiao, pulled out Kangsi Han jumped on the hair giant eagle wings in time, just hold back with her son, Chongxiao away!Word text Qiongyao a chuckle: 'The peaks are enough beautiful woman of God, but Tanchen competitiveness heart still, it seems unsympathetic to destroy you Tantric sex is said, is deceptive to talk about!'Tianchi Venerable Yi Tan said softly: 'I hope she is just a temporary game, do not obliterate the true wisdom!'Yu Shi Yuan asked: 'His Holiness said what?'Tianchi Holiness smiled and said: '! Nothing, this is our language center of the door, you will not know, went that burden, we can help a little busy boy.' Yuan said: 'That would not have to, I do not walk fast just like to take this opportunity to practice physical, make preparations for the full and timely able to play it.!'Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'Getting Chuang Palace, there is the opportunity brother, before seeing Duron saints, although some people try to hand exerciser's brother, now or want to save the physical point!'Yu Shi Yuan smiles: 'Then I would use a labor-saving way to go up!'Finished off his Nabing copper hammer, tied more than twenty feet long Jiao cord, with a head buckle on the wrist, forced pendulum copper hammer throw straight on, his body hanging up. Seeing him throw on more than ten feet, by the power of the anti-swing, the body actually thrown over copper hammer, find leveraging local foothold, but also for the third throw swing!Not long afterwards, he continued the relay, which is very far away from them, the three men immediately cast light upward surge of effort, is still unable to catch up! When they came Even more surprising is that Jin Shiyi already sounding summon snakes, snake station Zhuixi they actually did. The original Meng Shentong find Jin Shiyi and Maxell male sea, they waited two days, but also to a ship to chase robbery, Meng Shentong understand boat. But unfamiliar waterways, sea pocket to pocket to go until nearly Jin Shiyi to Snake Island in January, they discovered this island, see smoke rising on the island, the island horde know someone, then came hastily. Lisheng Nan Hai ship found, they have been hiding in the woods. Meng Shentong suddenly discovered this group of people, but also startled hesitated and Jin Shiyi charred face, he did not recognize the moment. Cloud spiritual son suddenly exclaimed: '? It is Laomeng' Meng Shentong overjoyed exclaimed: 'Ha cloud spiritual son do, how you came here??' Meng Shentong twenty years before, went to Tibet to visit to find Red Sect Tantric powers, because Shura yin evil treasure is red from India learned to teach, to teach the red probe to go there no one knows, after visiting several red teach master, explore the cylinder clear Education has long been lost. He was assured. That is, it was a trip to Tibet, he met a couple of cloud spiritual son. At this point, Meng Shentong eyes glance, caught a glimpse of hiding behind Lisheng Nan Jin Shiyi, then again recognized Jin Shiyi. Meng Shentong haha ​​laughed:. 'Beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort Ha Jin Shiyi Yeah Jin Shiyi, in this isolated island's not get too fixed idea, only to hear Meng Shentong also shouted: 'Cloud spirit child, how did you draft, and Jin Shiyi Together? You also know that he is an enemy at the end of it? Tibetan spiritual Master is to kill him! 'Cloud spirit child eyes doubled, look evasive and downs, with this situation, he seems to want to launch an attack Jin Shiyi Jin Shiyi look as usual, suddenly said:.' Meng old thief, you are right, there is an island I'm afraid you can not escape to the |. 'Only to hear the rustling sound of the forest, and that four of