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living, where withstand the other side of a few. 'Haha, Dinghai beads!' Zhen Fang suddenly laugh. Taking advantage of surprise between Lancelot and shoved flying from red gourd to four opalescent beads, flashing multicolored haoguang issued a bright light in the sky, shining throughout the fog. Lancelot just feel shines, suddenly could not see across the actual situation, the hearts playing scared, and quickly brings the hands of the shield, shouted: 'Great God of War on, please bestow your humble servant power bar absolute defense!. 'I saw the circulation pattern over the shield, a milky white beam of light falling from the sky, hit the top of the shield, and numerous Guanghua shot from the shield, forming a huge Star of David Mount, Guanghua flow, an atmosphere of mystery and holiness force Empty out the Lancelot stand in the middle. 'Ha ha, what a idiot.' Zhen Fang Leng Heng said. Air four Dinghai beads overtaken a streamer, from the roof down, as lightning hit the wounded Gawain and Kay body. That duo although expensive for one of the twelve knights, but in the end was seriously injured, not to mention from ancient times innate Lingbao Dinghai beads they are so good to resist, just that flashing multicolored haoguang saints below, all are they confused, where to defense that all are being hit the chest and died. The town is in the air as if to see the demon towerAnabaena cat, like a flash of golden light, suddenly received two bodies inside, do not know fall into the soul of the military into the stomach. 'You're from the East devil, God will not forgive you.' Lancelot did not expect the other party actually so cunning and emit colorful haoguang actually not to deal with their own, but by his own defense at the moment, to deal with his two comrades. Damn Asians, Asians cunning, Lancelot red eyes, like a wolf staring Zhen Fang. 'Great God of War ah! Your humble servant pray for you, please bestow your humble servant strength! Ares possessed!' Lancelot sky and shouting, the sound pious and madness.  face grim, blood-red robes whole body, not the dead leader is who. Seeing the young Taoist, Nether leader ghost of a smile on his face, although Daoxing Yang asked not high, but it is for the day Gods people, who do not know, I did not expect the other party actually sent him out welcoming and wanted to own had come to know each other already thought of this, Nether leader sighed deeply, the same person Zixiaogong hearing today is actually the other supernatural powers so sophisticated, and really get good luck ah! The moment you walked toward the Tianzhushan leg. 'Blood River Meet Red Cloud saints.' Nether leader entered the hall of good fortune, I saw Zhen Fang bed tray sitting on a cloud, the whole body of a mysterious, indefinable, heart was shocked to know the year is no longer in front of the Taoist Zixiao the palace of hearing people, I'm afraid, though not a saint, but also with the saints far away. Before he can hear Nvwaniangniang defeated men, thought it was rumored, but today it seems, is probably true, because Nvwaniangniang body breath can not be so fleeting, and the teacher imagine Zixiaogong . In desperation, even Daoxiong are afraid to say the word, but the other, although the strength is already a saint, but after all, not a saint, under the thinking had to use instead of a sage sage. 'Saints?' Zhen Fang shook his head and smile: 'The so-called saints, the first man, and then called for holy saints, first holy longer virtuous, but it is praise of fellow..' Nether leader heard surprised a moment, a red face, is very awkward, but soon came to reflect, looked toward Yang asked, laughing: 'I first met with Yang asked friends, no manners both hands, Today, a special gift to offer, please kindly look. 'Then remove from the arms of a flag, the whole body dark, flag face engraved with countless demons, ugly man, woman glamorous scene, however, and looked extremely ambiguous and obscene. It is north of Jen-kuei nether flag, the flag of Yang Ling asked five parties innate understanding of this natural