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That really pains ah! Deceives even the universe are on a tripod. 'That beautiful woman sneered:' Could it will become a Terran Terran favored a plus for fragmentation, and even threw these treasures are Terran, to suppress air transport. Red Cloud ancestors some generous side. 'Although the right sense, but the meaning of their words but really hear people uncomfortable, which is intended to ridicule anyone heard clearly. ! 'Buddha' Buddha now also showing a trace of frustration mouth color, the front of the main it is no good for the image of the human family, the moment, said: 'At the moment but Terran Three Realms dominate, not to mention that the human world is simply the Three Realms, who It occupies the human world, who account for the majority of the Three Realms air transport, Red Cloud ancestors put the universe tripod and here, it really took a lot of thought. nine phoenix big witch, now what to do? ' This woman is called the original nine-feng, but well-known prehistoric big witch witch family, but the order of Xuanming a pulse, the whole body of ice, full of bone spurs, one witch door Dafa did not under criminal days when the big witch and others. But in the end was not ancestral witch, too weak a lot of strength. But did not affect the status of the nine-feng of the Wu family. Prehistoric witch with her family at the moment is headed. 'Well, if she was to preside over this universe tripod, since I have nothing to say, but if placed in front of the real universe tripod, etc. I immediately left, although other channels danger is great, but better than the universe as a tripod Refinery . nothing much better 'Nine Feng sneered:' Today is just in front of the universe Ding Yu then will their differentiation into, although it can suppress air transport, in the end the offensive and defensive effects worse many monks, do not tell. I did not see you. ' 'Broken!' Stern nine phoenix holding a sword, Jianguang Senhan, even next to the already formed gilded relic Dubbo Tathagata, Senhan skin felt as if ax