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assist device, you can do it? ' Ke Leizha almost did not go through the air, this legendary AMGGGGG year Luo Le consortium created only two, one is the show car, priced at 18 million dollars, said to have been destroyed after the show ended, the other one is given the extradition will end Yang Zheng Tao, missing. To find performance with AMGGGGG rival car in the street in the city, I am afraid prohibitively difficult.  was about to speak, Du relentless wind tunnel:. 'Give you two hours.' Immediate situation, apparently did not give Ke Leizha left to say 'can not' in the room. Ke Leizha parades around the city began frantically looking for the car, Du Feng, who is sitting in the temporary office. Du wind eyes pranayama, just that war cost him a lot of strength, but also infuriating that he found his weakness. In the past, when the wind operation Du infuriating, infuriating the body surging sharp knife will be automatically classified as 'Blade' and 'back' sides, sharp blade surface in order to defeat the enemy, heavy body like a running back is like a protective wall yourself. But now the wind pubic though Du recast, infuriating channel is forced from the approximate body carved lime, most infuriating is limited to die in the channel, can not affect the body as flexible as in the past, through the muscle. Faced with weak attack 'empty', as long as limits on its role in the Pirates of technology, Du wind can kill opponents effortlessly against two spades, ghost ship that only a special skill, or thanks to a surge of Man force the opponent, let alone. DU has been so worried about the wind, is the kind of slow and steady type of Deng ancient weapons. Du Camp in the wind knocked out easily Deng, thoughIs relying on its rich combat experience and superb ancient martial art, but how much has also been used to recruit defeated Deng began to test the psychological fear. If Deng is not a full facilities for the start, but with a four-star infuriating things by the book and Du wind adopted piecemeal deal, Du the speed of the wind Du. If five Flying together and even dust will be covered with a chain effect knife can now handle knife chasing Du four winds, but finally edged out of the war, to remain in the hands of horsepower tie. Horsepower tie the hands took hold of the knife alone, but can not use it to chase Du wind into the fray, the chain effect five Flying Du wind is cleverly broken open. Horsepower tie grin and said: '? You can float long' Flying indeed been cleverly bypassing Du wind, the wind out and Du agreement, he can not go to get rid of the four sports that knife, but four knives The power is not infinite and the world, following phase, Du floating on the wind can not avoid that four knife life forever. World clean effect has passed, Du's body appeared in front of the wind-powered bar body, as if to guide disciples and said: 'This is the ancient weapons of fighting, not merely to win power, but that power is not enough and no.' After he told the horsepower tie ridges, is not worried about the deep hatred for him upon a spokesperson attacked him from behind, clenching his left hand cut Shendao, index finger of a bomb, as the cut-edged Shendao large fly knife bounced out. Four knife handle has been attacked in front of Du wind, Om slamming, Juzhen two forces together, even subtly adjust the knife a head, into the horsepower tie. He looked ashen complexion tie horsepower, horsepower tie look ugly though, I feel very wonderful hearts. That is ancient weapons to break the power of clever way of fighting. Du motherhood wind tunnel: 'You are the messenger cents, cents should make good use of the effect of this way of fighting is for you.' He took two steps forward, cold tunnel: 'I know this fight Satisfied, I'll give you a chance to let you know that the ancient Warrior second. ' Horsepower tie silent, seeing the wind with his back towards him Du, the hand of a Young, five draw knife handle five tracks from the hands of strange flying. Flying flying on routes, leaving a vague black line, Flying