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of energy, it depends on personal good luck.' Everyone heard his face showing a trace of joy, real hearts xiyi secretly pleased, underground passage: 'If so.' Also towards Han Zhen Fang Chi fairy smiled: 'green bamboo to make Di, nothing but good luck since you depressed yellow can stay, but also to take advantage of your good fortune...', But speech is recognized between Han Chi fairy. Han Chi fairy overjoyed, hastened to worship and said: 'Thank you, real compassion.' The rest have nodded praise everyone else. 'Master, today I am afraid to now a world of Rohan.' Zhen Fang again glanced truth monk, to see him blink brow hairs, apparently from Ocean Road fruit, but a step away. If the salvation of the soul of the military today, is a direct result Arhat road is very easyThing. Today dimension as the door is not now, and probably only Zhen Fang tribes ignore the existence of the Lich tragedy. And do not get after this Buddhist circles, waiting Zuohua moment, and then there is the soul of the Earth Store Bodhisattva sent to the West Eight merit pool, form gilded relic, Ocean Road achievement results. However, although later became Ocean Road fruit, if want to step forward, but it is difficult with the day, unless great perseverance, great wisdom, great opportunity in order to permit the Bodhisattva fruit. The truth monk, if by virtue of great merit and soul of the military in the form of a huge awareness relic, tragedy can not be limited, not by merit pool Eight reincarnation, you can permit Rohan Road fruit, after careful practice, opportunities When that happens, naturally one hundred pole head further, nor is it a difficult task. 'Multi reminding.' Physiognomy monk will know if they really reach the realm of Rohan, and in front of this young man are inseparable relations. But if it can step into, even if a causal owe him so what. 'Master really great perseverance, great wisdom.' Side xiyi real heard, could not help but look a move. Buddhism has so much wisdom, great perseverance of the people, no wonder