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other's attack can not stop myself. 'There are days Shensha Wu family a big fuss. Am I clear Pangu three sects would be no restraint is not a big fuss?' Lang Lang suddenly heard laughter from the air pass over, the immortal looked. Not a cloud neutron is who. Grand Master Xuan seeing his face lighted up a trace, a late-bloomer also nodded his head, and wide as the child secretly inside frowned, Taiyizhenren dull complexion, hidden sufferings of colored. Although neutron cloud is Yu Xu door, but it is a strange existence, others majoring Road Act supernatural powers, but the neutron cloud proficient refining FIGHTING Road. Weekdays for Primus are not happy, even with the other illustrates the relationship between religion and not how the immortal. But it is such a figure, explain to teach at the moment, but it is the first repair to Daoxing existence, how to make the immortal convinced. 'Young, what can you do?' Wide as the child looking good, said dismissively. Although known neutron cloud Xiaoguang Cheng child's mind, but at the moment did not mind, but toward the mysterious Grand Master said: 'Wu family was all but twelve days Shensha large array Wusuo Cheng Zu, gentlemen brothers, when teachers received Ha disciples, who also was the culmination of 12 people, known as Twelve cents. Brother, which must have a large contact. ' Mysterious Grand Master nodded, as if the rest of the immortal darkness like a thunderbolt fell down, hit a white hole opened wide to admit a child wild, cloud neutron said there must be some truth. Then hit the Admiralty as wide as the wild child who is being taught explain Twelve cents proud, but later saw the magic humble Huanglong also actually live among the Twelve cents more humiliating. Today I thought, secretly wondering said: 'Could this really have any contact which fail, live among the Twelve cents Huanglong, It really has his reasons? ' 'Young But what was found?' Wide as the child live a sweep of the Dragon, cautiously said. 'In fact, not Pindao found Pindao but extraordinary skills, but see her body a bow, but sharp in battle head gently, once the number Daozong ten feet away, in the presence of Mangshan sent his disciples, in addition to Cao Kinji, Yizhong Mu and other limited few people, the other did not see, only said Gu Zhihua has destroyed France knocked Tieguai monk, hide their faces dare to watch! Jin Shiyi sky and laughed: '! Wonderful ah, ah this is called wonderful to have long Gongdi short Cao Kinji you look at it!?' Superior internal strength he used acoustic into the secret, and shook off the French monk's eardrum humming. French monk off this trick to escape the killer was Gu Zhihua, positive self a little frustrated, and then be difficult to pronounce Jin Shiyi vertical laugh, could not help heart distraught, but he was afraid to move annoyed Jin Shiyi, at this time they did not dare touch him Hou, had breathless, concentrate to deal with Gu Zhihua. Just at that moment, but soon heard Jiao Gu Zhihua readers, Jianguang, such as training, and killed up. Jin Shiyi was reminded of this up, the sword has changed, but see her wearing a flower like a butterfly, superficial and find the correspondence received out of it, a little stick and go to the extreme agility Brisk, launched a swift Xing changing fencing off France denounced the monk. This comes withIt is very different, simply could not hear the sound of weapons hit knock, the whole aspect Tieguai, Jianguang flying, Gu Zhihua Yi Mei fluttering in the light stick Jianying among prosperous prosperous into retreat, interspersed exchanges, compared to just Handou shouting, even more thrilling peerless. Gu Zhihua dodge than destroy France monk slightly better, if she is going to get out of its own might, but her door division to honor, they are not and can not fight off the French monk, so over time, destroy French monk skill much higher than her, only to feel a little off the French monk, asthma, and she already is fragrant perspiration dripping. Jin Shiyi thought in mind:.. 'This old Tulv mouth big words,