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tiles, mud debris swirling! Hiding in the wing of Gu Zhihua, although the brothers already strict life, forbade her hands out, but this time, she was like sitting in the boat's precarious, Zenren let alone a senior resist wind sea, she gritted his teeth, filed a frost Chinese sword, prosperous and opened the door. Yizhong Mu surprise, quickly shouted: '! Junior sister apprentice, you brisk walking' At this point, ears suddenly heard a very familiar voice said: 'The Chinese, you do not worry, let me for you this old Thieves kill it! 'Gu Zhihua startled hesitated, suddenly transfixed. Yizhong Mu had already managed to support, coupled with the distraction, Demon Zhangfa feel slow down, power greatly reduced, Yang saw red symbol chance and applied immediately footwork day Romania, the front wing bully body to mid-year, pixia to beat him! If this beat has ponley startle electricity, Chen Meng to the extreme wing of Tieguai mid-year so that a positive move, 'locks Hengjiang' swept out, in this life and death Eqing occasion, suddenly a miracle happened, but heard 'Peng' bang, palms intersection, red sun symbol vain startled, Chen Jing Si like to throw the ball up, flying out the door! Wing Chung Yingjie this yearPalm, although still feel the chill Zhitou heart, but not as good as the other side of Zhang Li was illegally expect strong wing distressed Mou groggy defeat the enemy, even their own can not help but stay! Door came the voice of Mrs. Han, go a certain mind, and hurried to catch out, he thought it was his wife by Han Yang Peak sub and red symbol of the attack, I did not realize went out to look, not only red-yang symbol fled, Ling Xiao son also turned down the child and his wife Han Peak war that will nearly strokes, Ms. Han's knife, although subtle, pneumatic end is less than the other, when the bulk polymerization at Peak to whisk, like when thousands of acupuncture points scattered, like when you gather large transverse play to one hundred strokes of the time, is the wife of the pole Korean community but also for men, perhaps hidden. ' The thought here, because suitable home in fear, Fan autumn in their own hidden weapon, did not show the shape of injury, the key to peace of mind want to beat him. Just reached into the pocket bag within, Hou Shao suddenly to Fan autumn, said: 'You want to win a few tactics to me, that's still early! Fan was shocked when he heard the autumn, while the move to proceed, You empty touched upon, if Jane really own buttresses, the battle over the years to become famous, not the body of this moment the iron fan, has disappeared. This reminds catch Hou Yu Shao disappeared from home, heir to the body wash streams bad smell. Just wash, Hou Shao suddenly appeared, when the next two hands, because Hou Shao did not take Weaponry, excited by his words, the iron fan away. Playing Soon, Hou Shao said brook near Guan Dao, must fight to find a quiet place. Then sprinkle Xianpao back, then catch himself. Arrived here, do not want a child in the forest and rushed out of the bump, he still threatens to hit a child, had less meaning. Zhuidi was busy, but also gave what, who knows the enemy in the way children; fans will be in for when we took the opportunity to hit a child was stolen. Thief of previous years had its own name, but for the children of the count, the big day, the player will lose the stolen weapons, to say the least, to not afford to lose this man, how can Jinu Cross? Taking the time to steal a look, it seems there are two missing after flash shadows in front of the old pine, material is the enemy party, Mangxiang Hou Shao thundered: 'The blind shameless thief, sneaking the first time applied arrows in the back, then another ambush party Pirates fan, I treasure you in the end how much the party? is good, all roll out, to see only one person Fan hands, fear you fear! 'Hou Shao did not expect him to catch up with their work will lose the Pirates, smell Yan is also quite surprised that with said:!! 'What kind of Robber day, even a broken fan can not hold their own, but also pro-Sarkozy on the ambulance came. Scoop half also inadvertently see a surprisingly banditry no figures, but it is good to avoid Weaponry, easy win, which only hurt Gouzi worry, tomorrow and meet Father thief, not step down, did not take into account the immediate scourge; day another shade of black, even trained eyesight, after all, much worse than the sunlight, they resolved to subdue Gouzi pressure Qunzei volts. When flying from the vertical, as if there is a glimpse of the crowd dwarf, not like all the clothes and banditry, just short of banditry in quite a few, because with all the chaotic rush , agility is very fast, although made a motion hearts , partial momentary trouble machine, body has been dancing, eager Arrest without paying close attention. At this point in the dog down, see the Pro proximate Qunzei been chasing, I thought only the Gouzi as weapons, broke up, only this old thief couples only child, fatwas also strict and hard-hearted, and walk away do anything, all Danzhao stakeholders, who dared to touch him? This can be used to immediately fall upon the Qunzei. Gouzi capture bent, hands are caught, people have not yet filed, Mengjue Shence breeze soughing, know someone plot, the heart is still curse: '! Damn thing, you little fathers have laid my hand, dare presumptuous' Take Gouzi Xiefen pending, he caught dead, eyes flash, slips a thin silhouette, as if even a line like follow Zongluo Shence, suddenly remembered a man, blurted shouted: 'Hou brother, are you? ' Hou Shao Hetui crowd, but Xihang to half scoop front, hand on knee, sadly and said: 'Enxiong, brother formerly by the family plot, soft eyes hurt, then relied on the heart also understand that dark shipped infuriating, barelyPaul left the half. Today, ten steps outside will not see real, depends on the ears to hear, much worse. Is the most hated enemy was not to kill me, Sophie blind eyes, also told me to seek his revenge, for searching everywhere Enxiong whereabouts. One year, traveled almost five provinces north and south. Here is