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the line,' Immortals are resourceful generation, that Dragon talking All of a sudden it sounds spread armies camp. All have uttered a sound of laughter, apparently can not believe Dragon Hou protection under the Chang-e caught, took Dan . Know where the air suddenly heard the sound of Dragons passed over, the Shanhaiguan suddenly emerged a towering dragon, whole body white scales, shining a bright light, Ipomoea publicityUnder Jingbo, there is a big fist Sarah Shining Light. **** Rays shining, colorful scene. Grand Master seeing mysterious heart of a dynamic, thought Dragon fluently but talking about it, really did not expect to kill up. Is this really the Pindao Osmanthus destined not? Grand Master Xuan face a hint of anxiety, if it is really so, so well, I am afraid the baby would fall upon the Dragon, but Dragon does not owe her anything. 'Ancestral dragon blood?' Temujin seeing in the distance, and suddenly the hearts of a move, his face suddenly a trace of ecstasy. Pregnant archosaurs Dragon blood is not a person, then the big witch Zu Ying Zheng also cherish the blood, so it was sealed when Ying Zheng, was said to be dead archosaurs. Today saw blood archosaurs, Temujin how unhappy, and quickly told about the Dragon caught. Dragon also natural that the body can feel that Temujin dragon blood, but did not have time to listen to it, because at the moment she has been captured by Hou heart arrow. Ancestral witch is different is that the Dragon is already a quasi-holy master, now also not neglect the chest progenitor Pearl shine, shine void, the whole Shanhaiguan are in Germany under the ancestral dragon shine. I heard the faint sound came between Dragons \\\\\\\\\\ world. Immortals just feel bright eyes sting, have Moyun real dollars barely see clearly. 'Uncles, you see.' Yang Jian between the eyebrows to the third eye shot a SG, but looked very shocked. Immortals along the direction of his past, really enlightened, a look startled. With the Dragons saw sound louder, more and more bright light, and a bucket to restore the reputation Wudang rebuild solution sword shiting ......'Palace Siu Hung waved his hand and smiles: 'Friends Reunited, a meeting on how boring it is to fight each other, we should get together, but you should also explain to your wife, tell me how you find her ......'Chen Jian extreme anger and shouted: 'Draw your sword!'Palace Siu Hung ignore him cry, gentle authentic: 'You really good fortune, tied the knot a world masterpiece wife ......'Chen Jian wait for his words first, before Tingjian thorns, no palace Shaoxiong treat until Jianmang Cunxu from the body before a bomb Jianye extended middle finger gently, then bite the blade has been playing in the micro-ring open.Palace Siu Hung face changed, and hurried back to withdraw the San Sibu, eyes filled with surprised look.Chen Jian sword because it just cut off his belt, will lead the Department of jade pieces of cut on the floor, down into two pieces, accompanied by several Han Palace Siu Hung whom the mere mention of it together.Chen Jian sword got the upper hand, found himself the art of great progress, between look, could not help showing pride, but also to maintain calm on the surface, touch authentic: 'On previous Wudang, courtesy of your mercy, do not get me life, belt crack clothing, scores two elimination,From now on will not be so kind! 'Palace Siu Hung for a pair of Su Rong said: 'Mrs. Chen's origins can see the show it?' Yun Tianfeng shook his head and said: 'You do not ask for, and pass my martial arts people have died, as long as you beat me again husband, the Prince's sword your identity before they can continue to be maintained, otherwise you have to say when I heard the sword. 'Palace Siu Hung enlisted hesitated only with smiles: 'To become a sword after his wife is a very easy thing to do.'Yun Tianfeng laughed: 'Of course, I believe that my husband will be able to beat you, even your father beat you as long as he and his son, sword emperor easy to master, I was justifiably sword ......'South adolescent male shook his