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deserted. Caught by a stone cave in, drop five or six turns, then to a very beautiful Dong Fu. Hidden inside the heresy of two different people, one holding Weng, a Weng fruit. This is quite a monk in western Yunnan dish gal Tu Ha, found guilty of canon, brothers conspire to wipe the division return to secular life, fled to the river Po. To avoid revenge fellow comrades, is born with tea paralysis, knowing there was a cave-volt Lingquan Springs, is the first branch of the river springs. Quan small amount, compared to the tomb below Guo Ying Kam Fong Jiangquan also alcohol aroma. Seclusion for many years, including the cave and seventeen sarcophagus decorated like palace. In addition to the annual spring and autumn, the two brothers take turns to Wuyi, Longjing, Dongting and other tea-producing region name purchase good tea, and made to do various other things to eat, the dons exception. Cave has magic ban unmanned easily see him face. Tianjin Flying spit fire in the art, can curse, curse people stand dead, is very powerful. Park out the door, around the defense tighter than before, only to seemingly go quiet. Relied overcast rain, people are thin ethereal, martial arts, there are excellent eyesight, all the way to dodge to avoid the front row vertical, head layer exports actually break through. To the valley below the home Yashi thought to have seen the cave lying when a teenager, is the ancestral Cunzhou companions. Here are the enemy side of the couch, spend at home but not know Sanli this home, how to accommodate? I do not know is Kou Ma Morohito not moved out? Why not peek at the way up? Thought here, ignoring the body wet dirt, then aid climbing cliffs. Missing ear canal:. 'Master Intuit effect, then the relationship is important magic could even lose self careless, said the home defense to spend too loose, causing the enemy to be entering into commitments not good to enjoy, but was sent to this cave in the hills live by sin. ' Lack of ears with a yawn, couch sideways down, dazzling call will be playing they are dangerous phenomena, so that people are beside the museumMicro-color moving Zhuoshao Fu first shouted:!.. 'Well stacked bone plus a Deep Stalker hand, and later that style, throw to Jinsheng Mr. Long Lao martial arts really wide road can actually get both the north and south long, I do not know Tiezheng with Mr. Yan less real and what is the origin? 'This guy really Marketer Dynamic other martial arts today, stacked bone and trick 'throw to Jinsheng' are small north-south effort known as Zhejiang to four main Yan Ming Shan less real Cheats unique offerings.Zongyi that caught Qinlong hand, it is famous stunt earned north of iron, iron home Qinlong eighteen hand to Tough known, but it is a head-on knives outside the door empty-handed martial arts.Zongyi, but only to make the hands, but that he loudly called broken.Get out of the distance Zongyi Zhang Xu, restore upright posture, smiled and said:. 'Adult stuff such as electricity, decrepit to hide the identity of touches not fake, that two people can be regarded as decrepit nephew, Zhuo adults might think is that one of the decrepit'Zhuoshao Fu contemplative silence.Ray does not like the ancient right Zongyi previously so despised, Hengbao sword in the chest, seemed to consider what the next move of the moves.Tiezheng and Yan were full of little real moment are male, although no formal mountains Leekpai, the momentum was never under any martial art.Yan iron gate two nephews many people, too many to calculate both of them martial arts, the highest seniority, so just living in the status of leaders.However Zongyi said they were his nephew, he just put two drill was so skillful effort, seems not fake.However, two of the north and south Yan iron, water and fire are incompatible, both of whom own more, they had never heard of elders, especially elders together.It seems that the identity of an old friend is not simple, although he knew the name Dragon Pavilion is unreliable; but he who exactly? The world is well aware of his kendo players, the road was