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the post. When drop shop, Hyosung has long they had come exploration Kozo understand. When the former saw grab go first, then convinced to get involved in the assassination in future Shanpi, then rush. While buried deep forest quiet place, bring the wine and meat stalls are put on the stone, happily drinking, discuss things assassination. Hyosung Conscience look at the points, did not want to kill, so I drove to discuss Jiuchi, then awoke to get. Also Erzei kills Ming see Hyosung not trivial character, bias the revelry, the ability to count, do not ask to come to the origin of the name, the first from the bottom of the delicate. Hyosung heard so much evil Erzei impeccable track, Intuit has Xiongheng see them, listen to reason, but also keep the scourge, this approach will Erzei killed by weight. Because of the ground when dealings channels, separated ginger, where two very close, tomorrow corpses found both fear an innocent person involved, but also fear of six finger Fei Xia Jiang, following yet said he home deceptive, and rift, eager corpse to cover his tracks, hastily embrace the Erzei carcases actively look for hidden secluded gully gully eliminated, but unexpectedly also underlain by rocks behind a friend not seen for years, the trail has been disillusioned. That and bearers hands two teenagers, one is still following Jiang's son Jiangshao Zu, Wu childhood love, talent than is the percent difference is too even temperament but also violence, often out of trouble. Ginger bundle quite strict, often under the responsibility, to uphold do not change, because shame is not as good as the ability percent, quite an effort to meet the high ability than his peers relatives and friends, they ask hundreds bitter mill. This evening wedding, ginger brother beech branch delete Hong Wujiang fishing permit female mountain, Xu Ming came to congratulate the child lives, the brothers meet table is very pro-burn. He knows Xu's father in both flood and drought are two experts, Xu Ming, family history, playing a good hand fish good thing. Sitting cross-legged on the current car KowloonAbove, red gourd now out, cover your whole body. Lingbao congenital birth movement too, God knows the mountain monks will not notice. After the self-protective measures or prepare, have a chance to take this treasure. 'Flutter!' A blood spray out, the industry dyed red fire red lotus, red lotus fire that suddenly light industry big do, but quickly dimmed. Then 'Whew!' Spit out a cloud of purple fire coming from above the yuan tires, practitioners bottom HL fire burned up slowly upward, but it is the first offering training method treasure. Although there are anti-virtual Zhen Fang of the repair, but if you want to use this Lingbao do not know how long you want to spend. There are mostly prohibited Lingbao, Lingbao higher level. The more restriction. If you want to use Lingbao, high-strength hand road law is one thing, but to break the ban in Lingbao, the more convenient to use, the greater the effect of natural. For example Dinghai beads, the same is a magic weapon. But in the hands of Zhaogong is used to hit people only, but in the hands of Enlightening the Buddha, but it can into 24 heavens. When the enemy, you can borrow 24 heavens strength to deal with the enemy. Power is quite different. HL industry fire magic like this, according to Zhen Fang's strength, if they wanted to play their full effect, do not know until when, their magic Daoxing infinitely close to a saint, many of which can be broken to ban its full power. Today preliminary Lian Ji, but it combines with its own meta tire, to play its initial function. Such as defense, but if you want to eliminate a person's karma, I am afraid that in accordance with the current strength. I'm afraid it will not work. Purple flame slowly rising, sweat on his forehead Zhen Fang more and more, after all, after the chaos of this sacrifice refining treasure to treasure, not only is the cost of their own magic, as well as the mind. There is a magic weapon to accidentally bite possibilities. 'Zhen Fang Silk humanity: 'Yes, tertiary king, I know.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm afraid you better kill me!'Jinyi people busy: 'Uncle Wang, I can not!'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: '! Secretly secret work for you to do a lot of people, you wantonly killing Emperor Jianwen dynasties and loyal, to me that is not polite.'Silk disturbingly authentic: 'Uncle Wang Ming-jian, I dare not!'Yan Mufei smiled and said: 'Now do you believe me there Bong Dynasty emperor Testament the high?'Silk humanity: 'Yes, tertiary king, I believe!' said: 'Great ancestors made it very clear in the Testament:? Sun Xiao is supplemented, unworthy then replace this sentence, what do you think.'Jinyi people face changed, busy: '! T king, I is not guilty.'Yanmu Fei said: 'YouWithout sin? You ignore the transmission bit Chao Dynasty, revolted wins, Yu Zhi Aniko willing to resurrection, only that the throne would harm their loved ones, the residual flesh and blood, this is a big thing in the world condemnation, you said not guilty? 'Silk disturbingly authentic: 'You know, I was compelled to allow stew with Huang Zicheng!' said: 'I know Huang Zicheng confused, do not allow the stew, but you should not have more.!'Silk humanity: 'You know, I revolted Jing Nan, only allowed for the removal of the side stew of ......'Silk man blushing and said: 'That is because the police are not allowed to stew away, I find him not with you know, the country can not get along without the Lord, I had ascended the throne instead..' said: 'What a country not get along without the Lord, even if you had to replace the throne was doing the right thing, then and now has been allowed to stew whereabouts, you are not going to return to the throne to him!?'Silk man blushed and said: 'This ...... this, please t-Ming Wang for the sake of big.'Yanmu Fei said: 'how to say?'Silk humanity: 'You know, he was not allowed to stew when the emperor of the material, he not good governance national policy, Pa Zhipa large Ming lifeline ruin in his hands, Dynasty emperor venture Weijian high.' said: