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wind told her. Joan - Luo Feile with eyes looking forward Du wind, hoping to know what Du wind mouth, but she was soon disappointed, Du wind was cold as ice-like face, no trace To answer her question meaning. Prodigy turned away disappointed, ready to go again to debug electromagnetic clutch shot, the wind suddenly Du hands thumb, ride around the temple, his memories into the brain wave signal is sent to her. Meanwhile coldly: 'You see it and see.' Inside the main door closed base laboratory space large enough to accommodate the entire city base through channel has been opened, the occupants Once upon arrangement 'tragedy' has been eliminated success. Extradition will end ten members, Joan - Luo Feile has exited, except Yang ZhengRoad, Mike - , other members include Du including wind is extremely powerful fighter. Then in addition to Du wind, the rest were all lost in a three-pole Chuansong Zhen. Then tragedy of years of wind hit the Du doomed tendons, the escape pod appeared, carrying Du Fengfei the distance. Du wind hands left temple Luo Le, Le Luo look dejected. Du wind wrist doubled, remove the zero from the base ruins Young black box to get chips, lightly:. 'There is also below the inside part of the contents have been encrypted, you need to end the extradition of two members of a password to open.' Le Luo called on the one long-winded, shiny eyes and said:. 'It feels like for us to stay in the same specially' Du wind tunnel deadpan: 'My password 479039.' Luo Le nodded chip into optical brain interface, enter your password, Du wind was sent away after the escape pod scene continues to play out. The two black holes inside the fairy has disappeared, and soon, many frightened people through the hole to open the lab door, entered the laboratory, all eyes straight ahead, look trance. These were precisely the staff base, Yang Cheng-tao picked and chose cultivated elite, all are well educated, there are many states that Europe and legend has been for thousands of years of aristocratic descent. Luo Valkyrie. Valkyrie touched her hair, guilt authentic: 'Girl, I'm sorry you master!' His mouth again Kuangpen blood, crimson eyes, bump, consonance break his finger across the heavens of God congregation in the body, the soul of God into all the other body pulled tendons. Then his body startled fell to the ground, not only the strength of his body can not play, but also constantly engulfed his body vitality. The remaining two God congregation cold tunnel: 'Kill the Valkyrie!' God heard all the crazy numbers have rushed to embrace, Valkyrie to change hands again a wonderful gesture. Unlike any kind of gesture ancient martial art, just like when gently waving farewell. Zhang Shi more light, the greater the power. Eighth broken dome style - Smoke palm! When the smoke stroking the palm of God congregation rushed to the body after the name of God, the public body that suddenly dissolve into waves of misty smoke. Two did not even know the name of God congregation. Valkyrie was struck. Liu days Kyi's world turned emergence has changed the rules of the original heaven and earth defined, Warrior forces since can match with heavenly God congregation in the world the role of the body contains several hundred Warrior soul to the Valkyrie, a fraction actually become heaven strongest to God, then quickly destroyed two days community of God congregation. Du wind Moran looked Valkyrie, Valkyrie forces not only failed to bring any benefits, but will his body destroyed. What useful power. The highest level is not the strength to defeat the Emperor, and was certainly not rely on force. God in the beginning of the third retreat in panic, Valkyrie their teeth body stood up. They fell down, and the third straight retreat God congregationThe flame periphery, relieved. It just spit out a long breath, they found his body in constant disintegration into numerous particles. Lost all five elements of earth elements from him. God only their own soul, soul then God began to split. Their consciousness constantly disappearing.