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supernatural powers greater than Daoxing, there will be the foundation of instability, when there is danger of the practice of Rumo. Of course, this does not necessarily have the time, the most famous is the three realms of well-known to the Red Cloud ancestors, he is to the supernatural powers to defeat the Saints Daoxing Nvwaniangniang. But Red Cloud ancestors was destiny, there is blessing of Heaven, and pregnant immeasurable merit. Naturally unscathed. Let Dubbo Tathagata and Kongxuan not think that both of them also appeared in more than a supernatural guy Daoxing too. Jin Choi, the wind is what history, very few people know that in the end the practice for many years and no one knows, because the practice community in a person's appearance can not infer that he practice for many years, but the two can be sure that the gold bi Wind did not practice for many years, although many hotshots among the three realms, but how Buddha figure. This vision is still there. But why is this younger generation. But to an enemy today, how to keep the two surprised. 'You two have now surrendered to the emergency!' Kim Bi wind laughed. Kongxuan with Buddha face became pale. They do not speak, Roushen on a variety of weapons in the hands of one shot in the past, various supernatural means this time without the slightest reservation, the gap among the three realms, bizarre, all kinds of light flashed one by one, hit too Three Realms gap leaves do not know how much ruined, while gold bi Kazami that look like two, two people do not understand where to resolve, flashed on the hands of the butcher Sword little red carnage filled with emptiness, as if a road carnage a snake, flying in the air, claws, blows a variety of venom fangs ferocious, triangular eyes shot a road gloomy light, ready to kill enemies around. Jin Choi, although wind prevailed, but also know that the two men are already in front of the three realms of the top players, but not the slightest hands neglectJianguang flashing scarlet brilliance, or referring to