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...... amazing.' Only this innocent little wild beauty, dare to defy world opinion in the face of formidable opponents Independence Day Du wind aired allowed to escape. Du wind and not angry, just lightly:. 'If in the real world, there are some tricky to deal with them.' Young Zero looked up with surprise, a pair of wonderful shiny head and said: '? Here it Is not the real world.' Du wind lightly: 'Yes, but where are Zongda the [World] rule interferes with the real world.' He suddenly looked up, forcing the world's eyes sparkle all four teams after involuntary step back, cold tunnel: 'Do you know what this is, here is Zongda as creator of the world have opened the battlefield, dare to enter the battlefield before the face of the ants, holding the advantage rule creators were not to be wiped out, how is able to retreat. ' Aggressive monk spat, cursed: '! Mystify' He did not notice that your companion, as team captain of middle-aged man on earth, is looking pale step back. And in the hands of [circle] Hung Tin hands stuffed into a monster, let Xian Qi Tao maintain the effect that he quietly retreated from the last one. Rules advantage words, let the middle-aged man he remembered some of the things that is nonsense. According to legend, when the extradition will Zongda just entering into the world of gaming operator Zongda disguised as a boy, will be mixed with the extradition camp, pretending nothing to discuss rules and extradition members, in fact, to Call fighting genius views of these, and gradually improve the rules of the game world. Later, members of the extradition gradually discovered this little boy, is the operator of the world were up. We do not advocate quiet, strengthen exchanges and Zongda peaceful solution to the situation of the people, is the wind's girlfriend Yang Ying Du. According to Yang Ying idea, if people are interested in the war can be transferred to the [World] game, we can significantly reduce energy consumption, while the war will disappear naturally, to avoid harming encounter danger, even Daoshanhuohai, too, can stop this infatuation prodigy come. Luo Feile was about to speak, Du wind prevented her hand pointed at near light. There is impressively spacious entrance of the city, the crowd flow. Imagine two people in the dark and look very different city, after entering the city of Chiapas, the first breath of fresh air is an rare in the world after the end of radiation, which is almost more precious than gold resource. Comings and goings of men and women, but also a peace of mind to enjoy the air, the kind of happy is from the heart, there is no trace of anti-captured from the controlledAnti-consciousness. Luo Feile aghast and said: 'This is ...... This is not a virtual reality!' The skin surface of the body of those who are filled with joy because of the glorious life and comes out, even the wind Du [figurative] Super can not simulate this effect, let alone without the charm of the image can only simulate virtual reality . Du wind indifferent silence, a green leaf being blown off, just drifting in front of him. Greenery along the central vein is Daoqi then broken into two parts, the green juice immediately flow from the veins, the fragrance of life filled the two nose. Luo Feile can not help but try to be the Du wind, waves uneasy feeling in the hearts of unrest. Du wind silent, exactly two thoughts in mind. That can not be virtual reality, without any kind of human flesh virtual reality can be directly captured in the past, and there is no such thing as an imitation was so subtle Viscio virtual reality, can 'vitality.' They face is a true 'world'! Independent of all human knowledge range of real world! Du cold wind tunnel: 'afraid it Luo Feile?.' Luo Feile sucked a few deep breaths, brazenly said: '!? Ha, afraid, afraid of a ball we are not the first fight in someone else rules in the world, is not it, Independence Day.' They are not the first place in the real world from the battle, more than twenty years ago, they came over a virtual reality world of few decades later, Yang asked the parents to return days later, side road, went south facing Tianzhushan age support from the Ministry of continents. Mention of the difficulties and frustrations along the way, but this time the heavens changed dramatically in the past chaotic secret at the moment actually had a trace Qingming. Everyone knows that this is a sign in front of the Western Hills sunset, amulet is about to begin, the crowd quickly calculate everything in secret, the better to find out their chance of survival. In the good fortune of the hall, Zhen Fang frowned, good long while, his face is exposed both happy and worried look, and told the disciples gathered in the hall after the door, and reached for a draw, the next moment actually to hell being. Motoko town quickly greeted, two brothersDivide the host and guest to sit down. 'Brother, brother recently speculated that a treasure that will be born, although destined brother, but does not exclude other people come to compete and therefore would like to invite his brother came to help.' Zhen Fang entered a meeting on the topic of being. Town Motoko slightly surprised, Zhen Fang everything in the past is not worried, as if everything in his fists to look like, but do not know today is so anxious, could not help but also followed Zhengrong said: 'Xiandi, what is what, just let Yin brother became so anxious. ' Zhen Fang smile: '? Brother apparent chaos obscurity three treasure.' Town Motoko laughed and said: 'This naturally know, when Great God Pan Gu epoch, although exhaustive killed, but the soul is divided into three, three clear of the door, the blood into twelve ancestral witch, and that pieces of the opening day of treasure Pangu ax but chaos into three treasure, Pangu streamers epoch, Taiji diagram given wind water and fire, chaos bell obscurity repression, suppression of air transport are the three things. That Pangu streamers for Primus all, Tai Chi is also too much on the map Laojun all, as to accompany the East Huangtai chaotic minutes