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did not expect in the vast land, good and evil and great defense. Large anti-common sense but Simon comprehension sector, the veteran martial comprehension actually changed so that when I heard Shushan Jianpai Qingcheng is a member, all day shouting demon slayer guy today how modified a. In fact, not only is he. The presence of all the monks which is not the case. Although the presence of the dough are not wrong, but people look down on heterogeneous ethnic enlightenment of the people, in ancient times to pass down. The wartime Gods, mostly alien to cut education attained defeat these alien enlightenment of the people, it is across the street has become a rat, hiding in the mountains only to practice, and occasionally run out, or is murderous monster, or is ready to accumulate merit good demon. But whether it is worth mentioning the good demon or evil demon worth mentioning, the final result is the same way. Like the Song Dynasty Bai Millennium snake demon but how, I do not know how much merit accumulated, the last is not hosted by Jinshan Temple and sea received in the past. All along, they were handing out the door, kill the demon take Dan seems to have become a natural thing, like when you speak of can be casually said it. Like thousands of years, can only remark xiyi one person only. No wonder all the monks so surprised. Whether he is not really tell the remark, but Zhen Fang also know that remark really help themselves solve a trouble, so also Jishou said: 'xiyi live Daoxing, said even that Pindao think I'll wait for practice human, regardless of good and evil, but only on the good and evil. Even China is now building a harmonious society in full lips, Pindao thought, I'll wait to practice myself, should pursue the goal of Immortality to good as the first, the accumulation of merit, to build a harmonious comprehension sector. ' On 'really kind fellow, when boundless.' Physiognomy Master skinny face, revealing a trace of Yoshimitsu, hands together even DPRK Chen a ceremony, while the rest of all the monks quietly make out, I am afraid it is not the situation now, and the immortal could not escape death . Tianzhu Mountain in his hands again and again inching Zhen Fang, countless Guanghua not into the body in front of Ipomoea dragon, good long while stopped down, cold shouted: '! Rise up' White flash, suddenly emerged in front of a delicate and charming Dragon, Zhen Fang looked uneasy. Longevity is a cold side of arsenic worried look. Zhen Fang laughed: 'Well, you know, if not afraid I am familiar with the secret, let the boy took the chaotic minutes before rescue you, lest you become my door on a remake of the first character of your courage back.. not small ah, Pangu Mami is the sage should be careful, you a quasi St., wanted Hukouduoshi. really reckless. ' Dragon square so that the appearance of Chen, Zhen Fang know not angry, immediately spit spit pink to Xiangshe, grimaced. Unwilling to complain: 'The master is not under the command you want to find a Dragon in nine large Luo Jin Sin for a short time where I can find the Dragon nine large Luo Jin Sin to desperation, had to pass the name of this country?. Yuxi's mind. ' Zhen Fang nodded. Said: 'amulet coming, this is not a natural treasure in the end, the following archosaurs, but also to settle causal dragon nine sons, different, from the Three Realms will change..' Dragon heard stumbled, longevity eyes straight hair. 'Three Realms is divided into three realms of Heaven, Earth, heaven Haotian treasure houses of India for all, for the gift of Hongjun Taoist boundary of treasure Kongtong India, now in the hands of your brothers Zao, human treasure Emperor Wang Chuanguo Yuxi, this thing is a , but then Taishanglaojun will archosaurs Nine soul sealed in this matter among the imperial repression air transport, from later today, the world is no longer pass the country Yuxi, three realms of Heaven, Earth, and only two treasures exist, Emperor Fuxi , to Emperor Shennong, who Wong Regulus were called to the emperor, and enjoy the power to order, immortal.