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Benjamin, stare gold World Heritage glance, it seems to meet the ghosts in general, warble shouted: 'You, who are you?' Jin Shiyi smiles:. 'I already said I was a nobody, not worthy of you asked Cao head of' prisoners door has been trying to get open, and then imprisoned people in the room, and also look at the scene outside: those of yesterday guards keep them sprawled out on the ground, although they do not see Jin Shiyi hands, too knew that he had done, and for Jin Shiyi is to save them, no doubt, there are several drug dose has been restored to understand skill shouted in unison: 'Cao Sister, this is indeed the antidote, do not paranoid! 'Cao Kinji said coldly:' I do not susceptible to human grace, unless I already know your history, 'the original Cao Jin Shiyi Kinji hear good sound familiar, already became suspicious. Kinji Ganfeng Chi Cao Shishu Dan is the most adept at using DisguiseMan, Cao Kinji when young. Also often used to change the appearance of turning the month, with his father Cho father, Shishu Ganfeng Chi, who travels. So she is a Qiaochu Jin Shiyi month with the turning of the original face hidden. She has faint suspect is Jin Shiyi, but not conclude, mind:?? 'Listen to the sound seems to be his, but the devil is not already dead yet Feng Lin should not lie to me and if so true is the place, anything of this kind Cheong he save me? 'Jin Shiyi originally also left third of evil people, so proud to see her. She had remembered the harsh treatment En Mi, from the moment the gas from the heart, intends to make her embarrassment, they use the technique of acoustic-day escape in her ear, said:? 'You have to know who I am, what is good, and that I told you, I want to expel you under Mangshan, allow me to worship the devil Lv Siniang the group! I saved you not for you, is the junior sister apprentice on your part, you know? 'if not Then, only to hear Cao Kinji screamed a blood spit it out, even fainted! It is: when the grave had to meet, air brake Mangshan Cao head. Hurriedly ran and shouted: '? shock, resulting in a great loss of efficiency Lianqi terms, this is called 'Shen harsh intractable.' Three stars above ancient weapons, you can master the skills to see through the low-grade ancient weapons neifu airflow operation. Du wind more do not even look to see, touch hands alone, you can zero in vivo induction into the Young traces of old bones tendons staggered, I do not know how many times hit neifu received. This stubborn girl, which is very courageous, and who fight it really is not life. Logically, this ancient weapons, this should have become a basket case. She did not destroy, purely because of luck. A handful of ancient weapons, the body has other ancient weapons are no character. For example, can automatically absorb others infuriating 'absorb'; able to position itself into evil, destroy all the feng shui FIGHTING 'breaking Phoenix'; said to be able to use ordinary ancient weapons can not use the UnderworldBreath 'Rahu.' This girl's body is more special, it is difficult to meet a number of years, 'Terry.' 'Terry' Ancient Warrior constitution, the body of the tendons and bones, have a self-limiting automatic reset function, is all ancient weapons magical dream physique. Du wind had no special physical, but twenty years ago tragedy, destroyed his tendons and bones, but is also part of Xian Qi Du wind desperate struggle under digested, Xian Qi absorption qualities, into Du wind into the body. Du wind will also become has 'absorbed' constitution ancient weapons. 'Absorb' Not only can absorb each other's infuriating, even the constitution can be absorbed. To once again become invincible ancient weapons, we must first rebuild tendons and pubic region, to aid the absorption characteristics, the 'Terry' physical absorption Yang zero over, is reshaping the easiest and quickest way gilded. Du wind suddenly thought of this sad moment, twenty years ago, he has also met an ancient warrior 'Terry' constitution, that person is the only woman in his life - Yang Ying. Young zero a little thought dressing, and now I really appreciate meaning that the first offer boudoir photos Nen of water moving at the nationals. 'Feng Niuer immediately stopped jade comb whispered Yin said: 'Stop Candle bridal chamber last night until dawn break and worship Jiugu, she asked her husband stop makeup, no thrush fashionable shades like it.?'Futian Hao said: 'In these circumstances, who would say not, who can say like.'Feng Niuer blowing shells Yupo Jiaoye Shang Resentment look flitted over the hands vigorously jade comb hair comb a few times, and said:'Next life!'She did not speak again, and soon combSound Go Mimi here, so that the inner skill focused on hue, and then use them to help burlesque song magic, the magic sound to enhance the effect, really tired of these two old was introduced into the Magic Land, but unfortunately yuan more than a mouth Otherwise, even the snow lady also followed down! 'Wu Yunshan suddenly interjected: 'You do not fooling, though you take the road base Tianchi Cuican Venerable Master and Miller, but your mind is also moving up!'Duron Santos said: 'Nonsense, my old eyes double universal empty his life, not at this end of the move a little romantic parade!': 'The lame who did not forget his shoes, forgetting their vision, often favor of this, you are not tempted to think, do not know it has moved Italy, which means the beginning of the heart, you do not have joined the Magic ...... 'Duron saints look slightly changed, Guan Mei Mei and others dance work, wonderland thousands, even blue Meng God whom are gradually wins, Duron Holy urgent: 'I am really bad magic meaning of the dream! butterfly, ready, I have to send immediately fourth roar, it is designed to resist the lust Magic Land, followed by the sound of hair, you have to take action to solve them Mimi ...... 'Yubi suddenly Di Xiao, sound if Huhou, Dayton makes the situation whom color, enduring, Mimi, who shut immediate action to slow down, like quite painful! Wu Yunshan screamed: 'Off the United States and the United States, not stop, go