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Cloud ancestors although no surgery avatar Ding universe but its all I waited by the chance to break him to trace the true spirit lest his disciples subglottic Buddha Daoxing surely come..... I'm afraid also need to force the Buddha. Guaren think. this is a good way to solve the cross and the Queen Mother. 'Queen Mother nodded. The couple ran the universe are tripod to land. If in accordance with the meaning of Dubbo Tathagata. Let him go to close the universe Jiuding. And probably borrow Jingzhou Liu Bei. There is also a non-borrowed. This is where the couple will willingly. Let yourself to treasureThings slip away from the hands of their own land. Looked at each other. Haotian Emperor quickly found an excuse. The Dubbo Tathagata stayed. Dubbo Tathagata heard. Do not understand where the couple in front of me on the ground plan. Heart secretly sneer:.... 'I do not know in the end is the day to figure calculated previously thought that a saint is a saint calculation you want to occupy this universe under Ding Ding this universe which is what the baby does not want to get into the three realms can. that there is no rush to start one. Red Cloud ancestors in such a manner that even after the character. The universe tripod to get our hands also afraid for themselves. just use it as a way to suppress the human world air transport. get the human world to air transport only. only The trace of the true spirit of tolerance into the front of this unreal universe among tripod. good for a logo. Boot the human world to air transport. Otherwise With Red Cloud ancestors means. Three days, even with the ability of the earth. The universe can not ding into place hit into a virtual image that look like this couple Haotian end to improper Son of Man. Jiuding actually also want to get the universe. Even saints to something unthinkable. left the others would dare. This figure is not the Gods. Who meeting. I do not know day to guy. ' Present laughed: 'So there is a labor Queen Mother..' Since the other wants universe tripod. To be so golden merit, to better blend in all things. You can even say that after blessing over merit golden magic, materials tend to neutral, but it does not change the essence. Why so-called merit wants, because gold is not only a strong merit, and endless magical, purification of the mind, the soul of condensation, against demons, reducing tragedy, increase air transport, etc., which are scarce, but these Only do to merit only. Sure enough merit that a trace of gold in the air around the circle, slowly Dinghai with colorful beads that went into the snow haoguang soul among the beads, silver among the colorful Guanghua flash did not, as if nothing happened . 'Broken!' Zhen Fang mouth emitted a natal infuriating, I saw a flash of silver into the chamber, a figure in front of it now Zhen Fang, exactly two of life, just the opposite face Zhen Fang Wei Leng, if not the human general. Zhen Fang nodded, he is seen as Ding Hui into second soul, not only looked cold, the most important thing is the whole body reveals a deep sense of air, people see that this is the magic properties of water into a second soul. And in the fog attack, this apparent air is easy to find the other side, since it lost the meaning of the attack. Only add a second gold soul merit closer to the body. This is only the second element of God, act without suction silent, hidden, without a trace, is simply home travel, robbery, murder, arsonWith treasures. Looked across the second element of God, Zhen Fang seems to have seen numerous strong comprehension sector, under the second element of God, disappeared. Chen can only find some cold material properties only, as the kind of material Shang Hao, now scarce in this aura, where the lack of resources in the world to be able to find. In desperation, had the second best in principle to refining magic, although the material was almost better than no good. Zhen Fang thought for a moment, like this arctic nature magic, perhaps only the poles have this material. I'm afraid to go to the line of the help but face became pale. Lonely help but said: 'truth venerable master, how will allow Haier Wu family in this presumptuous, occupy world Orthodoxy?' The rest of all the monks also look incredible look. 'Door division has made, so why not? You wait though Daoxing angel, but do not forget, in the Three Realms among the saints is the supreme existence, every move you wait, all the calculations among the saints that year closure After God, no retreat Trinity door, ignoring things, but do not forget that more than three saints. 'Ying Zheng sneered. 'What are you witch door saint?' Sneered the sky child. 'Wu door is not, but there are Western Buddhism, there Yaozu Nvwaniangniang equally saint.' Ying Zheng face changed, and shouted: 'Cut the crap, today I let you experience something magical witch door. 'Then roar. But see the sky emerged Bling thousands, Yoshimitsu shrouded heard the sound of Dragons, Lonely, who not react, to find spots, nine dragon circling out, claws, then toward the crowd hit in the past. Ying Zheng at the moment but it is resorted to pass their own special magic country Yuxi, Dragon now been restored, pass the country Yuxi power rose, pedaling merit acquired treasure, the power of infinity. 'Purple blue swords!' Lonely Road Ying Zheng said, although I do not know if that is true, but at the moment has come to know the survival Shushan to a critical moment, they have no room for the slightest effect, a play on the pulse resorted Shushan a look home magic. Sky Rays ten thousand, ten thousand clouds. Suddenly a golden light may slow real urgency coming from the sky, looked carefully Kowloon fleet flying, dragging a carriage came fastIf you believe me, I would rather go with you to find him. 'Bai Lichao dare decisions, will hand back a move and said:' Adelaide, you and Lee head to. 'Baoshu De anxious for plums into the Road:' How do you feel? 'Plums into said:' This man was not sure even I was a thief, he may be able to find out from where the real perpetrators, we go up. 'Then in the