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with stone quarry working for a few days, hit a six-Qi Zhang deep tunnel, the water coming in from the outside and gradually eroded cave,Said: 'When I met with them to send you in the past.'Sun Alberta nodded and said: 'Well, I'm waiting for the West campus-wide.' With Luo Yucheng strode away.Everyone who looked at the retreating figure, Zhao six refers to two children being shot two strange glory, suddenly smiled.A soft red big girl Ana Jiaoqu immediately rub it into the arms of Zhao Six-fingered children, throwing a flirtatious, smiles tenderly said:'Godfather, or you OK, ah, saying withhold Tan Compass, laughing Alberta has caught a Sun Tan Compass now nobody backing up, 'Red Gang' Zhangjiakou 'of this branch, but also seeing the collapse fragmented the future of this large piece of land that your child is not so! 'Zhao six refers to children around the arms, immediately press and hold the slim waist that round, goes the old head toward blowing shells Yupo Jiaoye flowery and near to come up, said: 'Fengniu Er, this world only you Most sweet mouth child, that time has come godfather personal seal hero, you say, just say what you want. 'Red big girl Feng Niuer not speak, where Mrs Johnson suddenly step gently coughed.'Hear no.' Feng Niuer looked up, and said:. 'Sister jealous.'Zhao Six-fingered children laughed, grabbed his right hand stretched it out again step Du Johnson, said: 'Do not be jealous jealous, baby child, there, there, is my godfather did nor did the two of you ......'This dice affectionate effort, seems to go beyond the proper intimacy between her daughter's godfather thousand, any who read will frown.But the thin man surnamed Cui was standing there with did not see like, half are commonplace, accustomed to.Six-fingered children suddenly Zhao hand lightly on the cheek eyes met, said: '? Fengniu Er, that thing children, you did it wrong.'. 'Can not be wrong, godfather' glanced at him - eyes and said: 'Do you worry, I hear it, see with that girl surnamed Shen said to me is credible and who is not hall outside Suddenly someone shouted: '!?! Do good things with you dough with a fortune teller Get out what other people's stuff out of it,' the list is Shun iron when people first Volt who does not answer. Sneer: 'surname Yu, and think you have this bold son ......' under if not finished, the hall also interface scolded:! 'Blind Gouzei magistrate Road see injustice, as you this, and others surname What coherent Yu's? Not Get out! magistrate in someone's home to be nice to you what? 'Words are not yet up, simply repeating the substance, followed by a slide shadow flew its swift as an arrow toward the door hit list Impartial go. Iron is also true Shoujiyankuai list, make a stop in the hands of black fan, bang pair fell to the ground, but a half a foot long branch, new enemies actually fold down when a hidden weapon, I discovered that this rival trailing. Although heart surprised, still loaded calm, vigilant preparedness side, to shun people laugh and said:. 'Kung Ming had just mistakenly blame, Xing Wu see sin must sell it or not, tomorrow Bong visit, re-experience the existing downtown Villains as required I discipline, the first to leave it. 'Shun China, although the letter sister' Visitors will not hurt, 'the words, saw this and other situations, the end is scared, the letter also did not see, I do not know how to answer well. Romantic couples to shun China three strokes out of the same look, the underground smash a broken tile altar, splashed all over the floor with the flowers smell fertilizer. Sister, Lanzhen known hit is one of us, but it seems people scene, will be non-nobodies. This way, Turn of the Screw to other people, if not superior advantage of this to go and never come back, but the list is too raw iron that name, actually never heard of, Fang Daoqi strange. Look at the people now shun the letter, suddenly said: '? This is how another man surnamed iron it,' the young girl to be too busy to have a look letter,Above the meaning of the word, first tried to plead guilty, said his moment of want to hurt you. 'Pange said: 'Yet Yantai Xia to be hurt on the spacious, they are not the Pange not kill!'Sideways again rushed up! Meanwhile, the 'fat, thin, double strange' and 'empty three statues' also lunged from the room side! Yan Mufei Pange dodge to avoid sharp beat, trails welcome 'fat, thin double strange' and 'Buddhism three' five long, big sounds, the 'Buddhism three' down two.'Fat, thin double strange', and turned straight into the sky on the night sky.Huasheng Jingnu Yin Cece said: 'You two dare!'Two Hanmang shot through the window, promptly hit 'fat, thin double strange.'Yin sad Huasheng thundered: 'You two are out!'One high and one low figure since the two main rooms in the shot, toward Yan Mufei.Yanmu Fei said: 'He told you two come up for dead!'Supination shoot, Menheng sound, blood Kuangpen, one high and one low floor two Huiyi man staggered back, his face pale, mouth hanging blood!Pange hair is moving, a wave, and said: 'You have to stand aside!'That height Huiyi man and one two 'empty door three statues', crashed back! Pange sharp eyes wide open, said: 'Yantai Xia ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Live your sentence, you have to think twice.' miserable a laugh: 'I want to think twice even greater than the door, never ending To enter, please kill !!'Yanmu Fei said: ''Living sentence' Lord, I'm afraid DUANMU party ran back!'That sad Yin Huasheng out through the window: '! Who's'Yanmu Fei said: 'Since you are still DUANMU parties in respect of stand up with me a go.'That sad Yin Huasheng laughed: 'Do not shock me, it does not work, I do not eat that heard people say it is good angle children behind, as long as you kill all my people, afraid not find!? on me? 'Yanmu Fei said: 'DUANMU party, drive for dead people, hello Yinhen heart!'That sad overcast Huasheng said: 'They are willing, then what are the alternatives?' said: 'Well, I do not tell you to say ......!'Wang Tao turn Pange ''living sentence' Lord, I want to break it!'Pange said: 'Yantai Xia, please!'Yi Tan Yan Mufei shook his head and said: ''