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before, rear turn out three or four young men, form, color quite surprised and asked Wun said:!? 'Big Brother has yet to change the value of the time, what do you put on the bottom of the brothers called Wun urgent : 'A little important things to ask them. 'That several Taoist Momin wonderful, staring at him, and after a moment, eyes Albatron Ningzhu the temple door, anxious authentic: '!? Strange how they do not come' Palace Siu Hung suddenly laughed: 'So Road, Mid-long ring the bell to summon several long road up ...... 'Palace Siu Hung smiled and said: 'They are able to come up for a moment, I'm afraid the next time through there and saw that some of his long-crowded booth asleep, dreams are sweet ......'Albatron look for a change and said: 'how could it be there's rotating disciple body weight of responsibility, should not neglect of duty ......?'Palace Siu Hung laughed and said: 'Maybe because of your reputation for a long time the concept has never been an accident, and that some of his long would be happy to take a break, and , Bliss stolen an idle dream, is infinite pleasure ......'Albatron face is changed, one of the young Taoist once said: '!. Big Brother brother go see.'That surprised a few people, Albatron Stern said: '! Do not ask questions, and go.'Several people somehow magically go, Albatron will look into this gentle, towards the palace Shaoxiong hit a Jishou, calm authentic: 'Please son behind with Pindao to sightseeing.'Palace Siu Hung down can not help hesitated, but look very calm. A slight chuckle: 'Thank you, long road guidelines, please!'Albatron silent, quietly led the way, four behind the palace towards Siu Hung made a gesture, followed him in single file line.Palace Siu Hung chuckle: 'Road longer really deserves to Taoism disciples, especially worthy of Wudang head heir, repair of conservation, really super different profane, calm way of doing things, especially is admirable, but still may be able to at this time . 'Albatron choke then pulled back under the sword, Zhuang Yan authentic: arena married for things, but also to these exigencies, did not think she would have even more anxious than me ......'Green shadow clean up a bit and said: '! Son, Miss, please go to bed now.'Pending turned away, Yuwen Qiong Yao smiled and said: 'ghost girl, you have to go on it, squeeze it in here ......'Although only a wooden bed, squeeze three people but it is very spacious, and slept very stable element in the middle, but added Manhuaixinshi two girls, could not sleep, is the most exciting green shadow of what happened almost like dream, even if had happened, she still can not believe it! The identity, she is Qiong Yao Yuwen maids, but on their four Qiong Yao Yuwen never as servants, they are at Yuwen Fuchu, the identity is also high.I laugh money is Qiong Yao Yuwen teacher, she is responsible for teaching the martial arts as a supervisor - the cutting skills, this is an obligation, a responsibility, no mentoring birthright between them, but added green shadow and other four people before I laugh real money disciple, I bring them laugh money to assist Yuwen Qiong Yao.They Qiong Yao Yuwen, in addition to the name of master and servant exceptionally, but both long genus ingredients, so the word text Qiong Yao is the master of them all!When Yuwen Qiong Yao's command, she did not dare to defy nature, but last night called Qiong Yao Yuwen go condescension yuan, her heart was full of bewildered!Her high self-regard, in addition to Qiong Yao Yuwen, head demonstrated child can say, but since yuan and appeared, she was suppressed under his own pride. yuan born Shenzhan brave and martial art, of course, the reach for her, the erudite wit even more difficult to compare.Qiong Yao Yuwen Wu Yunshan except with suspicion, and had worked with two female co Kazuo silent, her heart is very happy, but did not think I could get involved in one.Healing of the day, she also bare driveWho has in the two swords, the most powerful sword is not in the end, trying to shift the inner alchemy of infuriating cut broken, almost skin some afraid of. 'Humph! Bitch good meat.' Kyo black bear born extremely handsome, open Xuepentaikou, laughing, with a burst of mace Gang Feng hands smashed down. It is the power split Huashan appearance, gas unstoppable. Longevity was shocked, hands flurry, could not help but shake the hands of the fakes quickly Pangu streamers, chaos Jian Qi saw a fight over, above along, actually emerged wind water and fire, as if the world were to split a gap in general, Chung countless places to wind water and fire. Taoist looking pale black bear, black bear as though he is fine, but it does not represent a very stupid, on the contrary, he is very smart, it is impossible to become immortal late payment figures. He had heard people say that people explain teach two sects, at the outset Destroys will send a Yongshou up, beating the actual situation, vent out large array of evil spirits, the second time he had sent up the main characters, therefore the first black bear a rush came. It was made up his mind, as long as one person killed himself after completing Shajie, entry and exit immediately, anyway large array is composed of numerous small array composed of these small array according to Zhou stars orbiting a big fuss to not know When will the second time it appears their turn. According to this calculation, is a can not lose the sale, where there is not the truth, the moment the first to jump out. He did not know, Laojun today not only to break the large array, but also to find some means of subglottic disciples things, critical time can be used to Lidaitaojiang good save a life under the disciples. So do not play by the rules, one up is the main character, after all, a big fuss in the end, the main front of people is getting harder. Laojun have to send people to send in accordance with the other front-line Destroys authentic. 'Bang!' A loud noise, chaos Jian Qi aspect fleet, the mace smash hit, and black bear is pale, hastily hid large array, looking forward to running fast Zhou stars a big fuss stand up. 'It is not