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this instant stature subdivided by Taiwan, the distance just restored. On the surface, although Zhen Zi sword to the other bombs, but he was Xiaoduan each other's sleeves, seems slightly upper hand, Wudang disciples saw head to win a trick, thunderous applause. Zhen Zi know that the heart is secretly crying! The original character was a senior pointing red sun, is come up to defeat the enemy of the law, he approached the enemy, as if to catch, to be Zhen Zi sword cut to his arm immediately retracted into the sleeves, but display the 'flow Yunfei sleeve' Kung Fu , it will force a sword, theHowever, in the twinkling of an eye got that chance, playing in the Zhen Zi sword. Red sun symbol of the Shura hidden evil power has picked up the seventh weight, with a 'spacer transfer power,' the ability, the bomb chill of the air immediately uploaded from an Zhen Zi sword into his palm, and then invade His body Needless moment, Zhen Zi will feel chill runs through the heart! Zhen Zi just hidden evil power against each other with the Shura Pikong Zhang force issued a lot of wear and tear have been since their strength within the family, and now has been to force a 'spacer transfer power,' the ability, the chill of the air directly attack into his body, his hand to Moyun Xuangong, protect the heart, Yili surface must resist the enemy's attack, comic life off the power of the sword, naturally consequent greatly reduced. Zhen Zi find the correspondence is becoming slow, Wudang disciples have felt bad came out, fierce hear is ringing rain, this retreat, Zhen Zi serial killer known dense swift sword of the order, Once powerless, since flaws exposed, slow third, this time even the enemy nor stained the clothes. Yang Fu red haha ​​laughed: 'Ray big head, you may still have to par?' Zhen Zi ashen complexion, without a word, will suddenly throw a sword, as soon withdrew. His body had been cold blood then condense it seems to be, that the sword Gengshi Bi earth ten times colder ice, where can hold in your hand? He already can amazing nature. 'neglects the Emperor is kneeling on the ground Yang Jian was reddened eyes. Zhen Fang nodded, but looked a three Notre Dame, said: 'I do not know the Goddess think of it?' In fact, Zhen Fang know this has not changed, the Goddess is not, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother will forcing her promise, which is the strength of reason. Zhen Fang asks but is safeSome of it themselves. 'Fate determined by the day. Juniors obeyed it wants.' Three Virgin faint Emperor looked at, although I do not know the Emperor will betrothed to Red Cloud's own disciples what the intention, but that she was also unable to resist. As for what she called a day, but it refers to the Jade Emperor. Yang Jian heard one side, as if the hair Fengleyiban, awaiting stood up to speak, was surprised to find an enormous pressure on him to lie down weight, did not move. Moment his face flushed, mouth also unable to pronounce any sound, extremely uncomfortable. Although I do not know what means, but also know that the two must be supernatural being in front of people, the heart can not wait to have a even suicidal thoughts. Emperor heard surprised a moment, looked deeply Yang Jian Zhen Fang and a brother and sister. Although no words between Zhen Fang sense they meant to go, but also what kind of character the Jade Emperor, do not understand how the potential implications of them. Although he wanted to stay and see Zhen Fang in the end want to do, but he also knew it was impossible. Present laughed:. 'Brother is justified, since the matter has been set, Guaren to say good-bye,' said Yang Jian and the two do not say hello, they went out of the Mountain. Emperor gone, Zhen Fang waved, Yang Jian was stood up, his eyes red rose, some unwilling Zhen Fang glanced quickly lowered his head, and while three of the Virgin, but face the same, if just set not their marriage. Zhen Fang sighed, and said: 'Yang Jian, you hate me?' 'The disciples did not dare.' Yang Jian could not help straighten his head, the tone, that would even hint of