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seeking votes ah! We support what brother ah! As if the wind is to meet Du action brawny and venom almost simultaneously rushed, and also hit the Du wind hands thumb and little finger. At that moment, their bodies have undergone a wonderful change. Brawny body care unprovoked Bridge Is Falling underlying strength suddenly disappeared, replaced by a green rancid corpse poison quickly like ants crawling all over his body, brawny have not issued even screams turned into a a carrion. Poisonous venom dead body surface without a trace, but there was a layer of Gold and Iron gas] [Bridge Is Falling binding force of the venom quickly tighten the body, making him into a large heavy iron lump. Very soft objects are suddenly solidified only have one outcome. Fragmentation! Gululu sent a burst of chaos ring cushions, surface patches of skin peeling solidified within venom zombie body, then the whole body apartMeat bone collapse into the floor. Du wind hands flick, dissipated in the palm of condensed gas. The passage of time and Fenjincuogu hand as long to learn, even if less than the internal force can be applied, but the effectiveness of the internal forces of a star only a short time only twelve seconds. Under Du actuarial wind in just one second, two four-star ancient weapons are his two fingers into the lives successfully. Have retreated to distant kinship teenager cowering ball, see Du wind forced to step toward him, screaming and said: 'Who are you? You know the King of Ghosts D, you is it ......' See each other the whole body exudes steaming murderous, kinship juvenile consciously shut, did not dare to shout that made him feel even imagine trembling name. His heart felt weird, that name living at the highest level in the world of ancient martial Association, common sense can not come here, but the mouth unconsciously wanted to shout out the name. Only [Independence Day] Du wind, in front of which is consistent with the image of indifference madman. Yang Du zero quietly watching the wind back. Closed burst triangular shape to be numerous lines. Each kicking out, which contains all the number Without a trace of infuriating direction. That is the strongest leg of the ancient martial art, ghost unpredictable way [eighteen] Tan legs. Each other's speed is also very impressive, with Du wind eyesight could not fully see through their actions, only to see a crazy blue lightning to his swiftly along the way due to countless speed blur generated. Xu Tan's legs have been consistent wind side door to Du Du nose could feel the wind strong six-star Xian Qi blowing. Du wind will hand on the handle, and then changed his mind, slowly open your hand. Cross your legs in the air while playing go, just forked legs Xu Jia Zhu Tan, will open its frame. That is precisely the same type and frame hand, dedicated to the defense of the leg [technology] frame legs. TanXu did not give up, one of his knees, legs like a spring-like device, toe around a bend to the wind's head kick to DU. She was about to be kicked when the wind hindbrain Du Du wind slightly shrugged shoulders hit the inside of the leg Xu Tan, offsetting the impact of the blow. Hurricane steep now, Tan Xu Du jump to the top of the head wind, a big ballin 'from the top down to the Du wind Pilai. Du wind did not do too much action, but slightly exalt scabbard, higher than the head. If this leg split real, even though the head of Du wind is wind chop off the legs, the descendants of the root Xu Tan will be impartial scabbard pry behind. Tan Xu suddenly thrust back Yuekai, tightly wind looked Du Du to the wind with a few simple actions can not be simple, it is easy to resolve his tan legs. All his actions are vital point - speed department. This is indeed the most terrible place leg Tan Tan legs toe, can consistently produce good power without streaks groups of unscented chou infuriating. But crotch to harm the weakest defense infuriating, but infuriating place of origin, can not of a multi-strand infuriating attack. Du eye fixed unblinkingly Xu Tan, the other