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closer scrutiny, the man and arm thick as robust old roots, Office also protruding veins protruding nails trimmed clean but obviously some kind of feminine vicious practice of gas; man's body was stiff, unlike humans, even when he bent over, nor do I feel trace of muscles and tendons of the beating, physical fitness has been the practice to impregnable. The two men apparently ordinary townspeople dressed as a master, the ability to roughly 2 stars around. Shortness of breath hearts and minds of Yang zero did not even noticed, physically very weak townspeople there will be a master, when it is about to take two hands to zero arm Yang, Du ghostly wind appears behind Yang zero the one hand on her back. A strong and Aki gas have all gathered in the hand, ready to zero in one fell swoop Yang uniforms. They hit zero wrist Yang Yi Sha, the body suddenly startled, like being a magnet sucked in general, slamming him close to zero Yang. At the same time feeling the body of the gas as the flood gates opened, all being sucked out. Not only is used to attack the air, even in their bodies for training the solid foundation of gas, but also in full by the other sucked! Two ancient weapons looked shocked, and immediately saw behind Du Yang zero wind. Du wind hands thumb on Young zero scapula, thumb in the middle of 'small business' points by Yang zero body tendons to connect with each other chest 'Tan in the hole' even just a straight line. Tan, the sea air, Baihui is infuriating person walking three main point, as if to protect pubic air sea three gates in general, and now they are the ones being Du wind magical ancient martial techniques 'to open the gates.' They are not stupid, all see that this is specifically absorbed ancient weapons infuriating ancient martial art -] [North deep magic! North deep magic tricks was not able to practice any ancient weapons out. Ancient Warrior body can absorb enemy 'gas', without exception, has an absorption-type physique. Originally absorption qualities as rare, radioactive clouds at