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disadvantage . But they both know, Zhen Fang just eat a burned, although the injury now touch flat, but does not really heal. Zhen Fang face cold, sneered: 'You are a saint, although repair, saint supernatural powers, butBut not to the moral saint. Saints often good save, so no disposable people; often save good thing, so no thrown away. You're sure to mention in the end is a pseudo Taoist holy only, so the characters are actually able to accept beings worship is really a big joke, and even ashamed Pindao have arrived, this sage rather forget! Quasi-mentioned Taoist, you obsession too, there must be a newspaper, and at the moment is not to retreat after Pindao probably can not protect you in the future Pindao or two of. ' 'Haha, Red Cloud Young, you can hardly protect themselves, how to protect Pindao. Saints die, things are off, only saints immortal. Hongyun Young though supernatural invincible, but in the end is just Daoxing quasi holy, even blessing of Heaven I am afraid that today is also a way to escape the seal, if you retire today, the future Pindao call the shots, to avoid the danger destroy teach. but also to stay alive. Young think? 'quasi-mentioned Taoist like to hear a joke Like, could not help but laugh. 'Worth mentioning, let Daoxiong some insight today.' Zhen Fang misty breath the whole body, as if from a touch of speech thirty-three days floated outside, fall into quasi-mentioned Taoist ears, I saw a gray square **** now Chen behind the occult, it is famous Heaven **** Three Realms, but Chen square eyes glazed, very empty, as if their souls have disappeared without a trace. Quasi mention Taoist shocked face also a hint of color, Zhen Fang at the moment, as if the whole body into the Heaven among the quasi-mentioned Taoist do not see any change in which the land. This breath too familiar, that is, to Hongjun Taoist who feel that kind of huge breath in Zixiaogong in very mysterious, ineffable. 'Namo Amitabha!' Is quietly falls escorts Taoist Taoist quasi-mentioned side, his face solemn. Other you a test match! 'He sat presided seat, distance, is all out to fight, Xing Meng Shentong also pour a few people, sudden, I hear there is a hoarse voice, said:' Xiao Meng, the wife in this, you can not so presumptuous! 'Meng Shentong someone hit from the side, crowded, under his fury, less scrutinized, as soon shouted:' What, posing as my elders? 'Huixiu Yifu, display their' stick table eighth down 'superior internal strength, suddenly felt the man's impulsive surprisingly large,' laugh 'is heard, he was the man of the sleeves torn off part of it, Meng Shentong wrist doubled, nor let the man grabbed, Meng Shentong palm up a board, immediately issued a heavy Shura ninth Zhang Li hidden evil power. This one is the elder Wu Pei cavity tannoy threatened, he had eight years ten days, the training effort somewhere between good and evil factions, relies on the old favorite show off, the factions Mangshan Assembly, did not choose to come out the main tower situation, he has in mind some dissatisfaction, so grab in front of golden master, want The Meng Shentong stopped, which was obvious his effort, his age intervals, Meng Shentong call out 'Meng', this is not an exaggeration, that know Meng Shentong not scrutinize, criticize opening it, he Qiqiaoshengyan angry! He had seventy In more than skill, but also excel at martial arts secrets of several unique offerings, of course unusual, therefore Meng Shentong round pick, but gave him the sleeves torn off, but until a full Meng Shentong, cast the first Nine of the Shura hidden evil power, he would ban under overwhelmed, but also fortunate that he has and 'Heaven Luo step' similar to the 'leopard tortoise hiding stealth Law', did not give Meng Shentong palm hit, but that kind of a mountain down row Zhang Li Ma, buttressed by the biting cold skin corrosion tendon, yet he takes with the cabin pushed back Zhitui gun! yang symbol with the brothers behind the red, just bumped him, Ukraine tannoy a cavity anger, all hair on him, one shoulder, Sheng: 'Go away! 'Yang red symbol of' work, Shendao invincible Zhangxiao Fu Hing Tong eat first frame through a vine snake wearing chest, killed, followed by the Iron Palm Liu Kaibang eat Zhu Wenyan Yigun killed quite lazy workers and also each square knock Tiger Shi injury, seeing all critical. More than thirty pre-job match is powerful enemies see everyone wrath chieftains know just say lying, face-saving, sorry issuing the order melee, death, they cry in unison, to go on killing. Iraq Business All gang members are not all weak, no such thing has happened, Yanshang De are about five people in this no one not a history of the way, and because of the Friends of the Friends, we are faced with three heroes, such as light and dark mud human help, Daodang How can an opponent? and Tong Hing is flexible slippery, saw Come attack from the middle of the mind, not one person out and fight hand weapon, hidden weapon in one hand and, after just before the vertical jump, the time when the East West In the crowd from the magpies off Rabbit, between flying, chance encounter, that is it. Needless long time, Daodang a dozen casualties. That and Yan, Zhu and other adults enemy, there is no failure to win, not to mention. Daodang common enemy, just hard, after all, the ability and the poor, did not go cheap also accounted for. Field, in addition to Iraq Business and a monk one can be the enemy, not a close call, Mr. Zhao same city to see the machine as well as four of Xiantao, the remainder Needless meal scene, then a most casualties. Yasunari with confidence, knowing that he had made man on the side of the busy first vertical grab him in the past stopped, shouted: 'I know the old Tulv untrustworthy, you want to take out a bicyclic undressed twelve cymbals, say so good, This is easy, I do not force you to stop treatment hand how 'he finished, ranging also speak, his first step to the back vertical, will turn into the arms of a hold bergamot, point hand and said:'? Old Tulv, What is the magic, you give Come. 'Xiongseng already knew shame, except this person can not