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to earth. The sky tore through countless hole, earth and rock armor full body exfoliation Xiang Yu, only that grim skull, resulting in endless suction on mine sword, seemed to him to stay in heaven down to the body to absorb. Is not indifferent realm. No wonder he could not break anyway realm, beyond Heaven. Du wind Moran said: 'You can not win the Emperor, King, will give me strength.' Xiang Yu has lost norm, Mans scattered, gather into a coffin wrapped in the shape of the wind among DU, Lihou said: '!! Robbery star won the final of the King style, I will give you strength.' Top of the coffin impressively depicts a dragon. Dragon head off. Pixia dragon head is tens of meters tall giant, hand-held mine radiant sword. Violet Ray final nine style type - Tiandaleipi Tu real dragon! It was then self-study and understanding Xiang out against all forms of God in heaven, princess, Emperor incarnation trick, and now he cast out, to deal with the world of numerology developed robbery! People on the ground suddenly saw a strange scene. Roar of thunder in the sky is not a Unit to be lowered, but gather together, become a steady stream to Great Falls from the sky like the Milky Way-like removed. Lightning hit the ground where things are burning up the ashes immediately, as the center of the tomb by Xiang Yu spread thousands of miles, the world has become full of the fire of hell industry. Flame will unite into a wall all the way around things separated, then it slowly closed the top of the wall, became a giant coffin. All are blocked in the coffin of the things that will be endless fire light industry. Some people are separated in the peripheral firewall, E desperately sneak firewall, less than ten meters before entering and immediately systemic ashes back out, even vampires cells keep dividing the value can not be too anti-fire impact on the industry. Ghosts palm to spit fire sputum, exclaimed:. 'King Xiang Yu, amazing, oriental legends he had been abusing history Qin 300,000, fire Fanggong hundreds of years, ahead, at the end as if fear is not enough hands, push a block wall in front of his body with the Secretary of snow. 'Boom, boom.' Jiang Jicheng down in the end is the first time in the Black Mist, where distinguish under the truck, palpitation, Bai Baonang the spell will not life sprinkled down, Trick character, Surefire Guanghua colorful characters ... Black Mist Mist breakthrough shot out. 'Ah!' A voice scream out, a shadow fell out of the blanket of darkness, Zhen Fang looked in the past, but it is Jiangji Cheng fell to the ground, his face black, apparently in a highly toxic, and Nabing Fearless Sword also tainted venom, has been bleak, there is no trace of human treasure adder appearance. Mist slowly scattered off, a huge serpent moving sky, a dark ball, about the size of eggs, are hovering in the air, while others Zhen Fang Curiously, Yuet Wah launched into the air slowly Among the small ball. What's this? Is this stuff can hurt? 'Inner alchemy?' Jiang Jicheng mouth wry smile. As a disciple of Lung Fu Shan, low down no skills, but on weekdays to watch a lot of books. The time of the battle, but forget a special skill Yaozu, inner alchemy can fly out to hurt the enemy. And everywhere is embarrassing, a new generation of master dragon group, even the most simple trick cover of darkness do not know. Fold westerly of the already-shaped monster, How can it be only an smog means so simple, nedan hurt the enemy is the simplest and most powerful tool. 'Really despicable.' Lined face livid, could not help but cursed. Fold westerly awaiting speak, suddenly a silver-white aerial shot guns toward the inner alchemy in the past. Secretary Snow is not who. Under the moonlight, the Secretary snow pale mouth side still remains a trace of blood, internal injuries apparently not yet recovered. 'Slut.' Snake eyes off westerly hint of vicious, anti-refundable nedan toward Yinqiang hit in the past. 'Oh.' Everywhere surprise, a wounded woman how to deal with an instance of a complete witch. The hands of the golden sword Chasheng said: 'You want to extract the drug insanity doing?'Yanmu Fei said: 'Nature is the solution to save insanity.'Huang Yiren child said: 'You want to save anybody for whom the solution insanity??'Wang Feng Yan Mufei a three, said: 'there was a girl called greenstone, I do not know whether your door human?'Sanfong hesitated, suddenly surprise silk beautiful boy shouted: 'Beryl, she now ......'Huang Yiren children croon a cry, beautiful boy immediately silk bow in silence. look in the eye, heart to understand a little more, but he wondered, did not tell him why Sun Sen, had not told him?Just listen Huang Yiren child said: 'You are the greenstone Sifeng Golden said?'Yan Mufei nodded and said: 'Yes, the main door.'Huang Yiren child said: 'She was originally a 'Golden Gate'Person, but she has now been expelled because of rebel door' Golden Gate 'outside, this is not me' Golden Gate 'a human. 'Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm willing to tell the main door, the door to the main reason why I ask insanity drug solution is to save a life greenstone girl!'Huang Yiren child said: 'I think you've heard, she was a traitor to my door, had been expelled from 'Golden Gate', this is not 'Golden Gate' door person.'Yanmu Fei said: 'I heard very clearly, but I do not know the meaning of the main door.'Huang Yiren children said: 'This is the dress you fool with me!'Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said: '? Well, the main door means that the solution is not to give the cup drugs, to look at her in agony Gudu certain death, Fanghun cut off.'Huang Yiren Lengran children, said: ''Golden Gate' door rules that, where the 'Golden Gate' traitors, all of them had to suffer this punishment!'When the silk looked beautiful boy Huo transfer note, but when he touched a pair of Huang Yiren child transmission of solemn gaze outside the veil, but with his head down.Look at three phoenix, the face as usual indifferent.Yanmu Fei indifferent smile, said:. 'The door Lord really do this, I am afraid of sacrifice is not just a greenstone girl'Huang Yiren child