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king of the mountain to get into his own, joking, so before this even do not know the strength of the guy for a protoss fight in, where there is such a good thing. Finally overconfident want assassination, really do not know how to spell the word death. 'Well, do not think you can quibble cleared off the stakeholders.' Huaqiu face grim, he can no matter how the other side, just know that you have the master on one side, there is support behind Shushan, first wash their own humiliation say. 'Yo! Shushan subglottic Oh really inspiring!' A soft voice called out, while evil wind suddenly flew over. 'Hey!' Fang Chen frowned. 'Where evildoer?' Yingsong face became pale. 'Qing Qi fellow whole body, figure who trained, how evildoer associating with?' Fairy clouds, clouds are all black, faint smell of fish orGas; goblins ride the wind, the wind is strange, faint sound of howling cries. English pine door Shushan is naturally able to identify the other party is a demon or a human. 'Master, the disciples said yes it! He really is the evildoer.' Huaqiu face overjoyed, he finally caught a chance. 'Immeasurable revere.' Zhen Fang though not on good and evil, only good or evil, but no reason people thought it was the evildoer, but it is not joy. Slogan came out, behind gold boom out of the town in the hands of the demon tower toward the sound source at the hit of the past. 'Merit gold?' 'Merit gold?' Is alarmed tone Yingsong Road and dark fairy, but listen carefully, the latter being, there a trace of surprise. I saw a figure before the fall Zhen Fang, Ying Ying worship: 'The Fox clan nine demon fox live audience.' Zhen Fang glanced Yingsong see his face calm, do not see the slightest thought, the moment also brings up the red gourd, fire red light will be firmly protected their own, so parties asked:. 'You and up to speak.' 'Xie live.' Nine fox demon stood up, but still not close Zhen Fang, just a few meters away from the place, standing Qiao Qiao, a feminine look, look at a few fixed stand somewhat less Shushan see is not to let anyone see that she is simply a normal person, in fact, she Yantai Xia ...... Well, long story, you sit down, let me inform you slowly?!!'Then, he pulled over to let passengers seated two chairs.The so-called 'chair' is only part of it back armrest large stakes nailed it.Seated, Sun Sen looked a girl, said: 'Yantai Xia, her name a single word Tsui, the name that I gave her, she called greenstone original, is not the mother's father was brought no orphan, original Changan a rich family lackey, and laterWas later driven out ...... 'Girl lowered his head and said: 'Dad, you say it to real!'Sun Sen slightly Yi Tan, said: 'Well, girl, I hear you ......'Flutter flutter, then said: 'She was that good family men who are not from persecution, just to be seen hostess, do not ask a whole indiscriminate beatings punched her half to death, and then again she lost in the wilderness outside the city of Changan wilderness, from there after I see her there a message, put her to bring up the Mountain. not a half months, body injury is all good, but somehow, paralyzed legs but can not walk ...... 'Yan Mufei brow-Yang said: 'Is not hurt the bones?'Sun Sen shook his head and said: 'No, Yantai Xia, if the muscles hurt, I'll come see.'Yanmu Fei said: 'So is ......'Sun Sen shook his head and said: 'Who knows, according to her speak, legs numb, and this numbness gradually spread upward, has been coming back up?.'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' Sound and said: 'That is ...... old, which is probably sick!'Sun Sen said: 'I visited doctors, ten are saying, but they do nothing, will not heal, only one doctor told me a way.'Yanmu Fei said: 'The elderly, what way?'Sun Sen said: 'The doctor said that this is a congenital disease, is born to fear, in fact, the disease is rare, people who suffer from this disease, and some early episodes, some episodes later, after just twenty years old again later episodes, this person would not be saved. Fortunately, the girl she was only nineteen year ...... 'Then paused, and then said: 'That doctor said, beforehand would think a lot of remedy, short of taking the enemy, as long enemy close, the more the other place that foolproof, problems may also be more. 'Tianchi Venerable meditation only slightly nodded:! 'On the idea of ​​Buddy's more clever than us, Exalted old friend, you brother's plan according to it, in addition to you promptly fall upon his Duron eight roar outside, everything all told him that a lot of good for you, better for us, because you hold, can be a major blow in eight Dragon roar, as long as this purpose, all other plans insignificant it! 'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'It is better, contact signal between us, they do not know, just as a precautionary measure, unless absolutely necessary, it is best to use less!'Master Miller smiled and said: 'This I know, otherwise I'd be a waste of.'Xuenv laughed: 'Everything thyself, do not let people expose himself away, put your bald picked off first, but do not call the array where the powder lost your minded.'Master Miller laughed, walking swiftly, mountain Morohito seeing Wu Yunshan, who is also getting close to busy to go meet up! Duron just arrived near the front of the Palace of the Department, Yuan, who is also from the peaks around it, we met, south Yu Biao called out after Buddy, the pile of Congress are stunned, they naturally are scared to Xuenv Super World Juesu MT.However, there are two exceptions, one is Wu Yunshan, a South Biao.Green shadow with Yuwen Shi Qiong Yao, respectively, for the eleven who beat shocked awake.After meta description for their interaction, CornwallDu struggling to climb back after the wind, Luo Feile found between himself and Mrs wind spine also across a large knife, suddenly squinting his eyes, prettily authentic: 'Independence Day, you get the knife Ge me sore. ' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You put God back of a knife cut back on your own.' 'Scared, so how do I get big knife moving.' 'Take the move, cut Shendao without any kind of weight, as long as it is willing to let you lift it on the line.' Luo Feile curious