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four Zhen Fang family in the future also be eliminated completely. 'Despicable group of believers, but also security can accomplish Immortality?' Zhen Fang cold smile, waved, fleet air haoguang masterpiece, shining the whole Sky, stabbed all the monks are blind eyes, where distinguish truck, have issued a voice exclaimed. Physiognomy monk speechless: 'Gentlemen, fellow careful not to have been each other's murderous.' Carter, suddenly heard the sound of a few screams. Then again Guanghua flash, everyone This opened his eyes, glanced around, but found a moment, has lost several fellow, such as the Wu family was Houtu elders, Vulcan elders and two elders everywhere, but this Buddhist Dust monk, monks and post Guangyuan equivalent to three or four monks of God have disappeared without a trace, apparently have lost their lives in the hands of Zhen Fang, even the bones were found. 'Zhen Fang, which is what, actually so powerful?' Ying Zheng Hao Cao looked at the hands of the sword, reflected the faint crack, obviously a lot of damage to the heart, could not help but secretly surprised. The original is now just a haoguang experienced Ying Zheng know bad, in the hands of Hao Cao sword dance fast, Jianguang stand in front, only to find an enormous strength from the blade pass over, if not the Wu family flesh tough, probably already seriously injured. 'It is a congenital Lingbao Dinghai beads, can not be discounted.' Monk face solemn truth, said slowly. At this point the heart is secretly regret, I did not expect magic hands Zhen Fang actually so much today want their lives, and probably a very difficult thing. 'Truth monk, blocking my path since you today, there is a causal and Pindao forged. If today is not how to settle together?' Zhen Fang mouth hint of cold smile, hands stick Fuso has not the slightest slack, red round after round into the air, the sun really fire rolling down, the whole sky burned red, extremely hot, even Ying Zheng, who are big witch's body, now felt a burst of burning the skin, as if the body system. Luo Feile exhaled breath, worried authentic: 'But Zongda world is virtual, then I can provide support for you outside the network, now ......' At the time the case reached the battle outside the network to give into the extradition of members support [World], it is Joan prodigy - Luo Feile, but now, Luo Feile himself into the mysterious world of the unknown while Du wind around, nor the time when Yang Ying, Xu Yuan, Tiago as fellow super ancient weapons, compared to the year when the situation is more dangerous Zongda face. Du wind lightly: 'Come on.' Luo Feile still a bit hesitant, shoulders sank, Du wind his broad palms resting on her shoulder, lightly:. 'Go, no matter what is in front, will be cut in Shendao clean break.' Luo Feile heart of a sweet, Du wind down automatically footsteps walked forward, while sweetly authentic: 'Independence Day, you are there a nostalgic feeling, just as with the others, and the extradition will be entered for the first time [World] when that feeling. ' 'Some.' 'Well, there was the feeling you hugged Yang Ying shoulders forward when it ...... Hey, do not let go of ah ......' 'Luo Feile, I have always regarded you as my daughter look like.' 'My daughter ...... face to the point, Independence Day, whatever the outcome, say something to me as a biological sister look like ah! Oh, Oh, you're laughing.' '......' 'Do scowled ah, when you smile the whole world really awesomeness woman.' 'Seriously, Luo Feile, you remember the case up to the ability to do?' Luo Feile nodded magical super-intelligent life forms network Zongda, can radiate radio waves strong enough to even be able to eliminate the place, out of thin air to expand the wireless network. The laying of the unknown world who may also have the same capabilities and Zongda. Her eyes suddenly light, shouted:! 'Independence Day if the operator of the world, have the same ability and were up, we can make the day wandering the city wall andTogether to build a stronger base than in the past soaring fortified find a hole drilled into it, but also so the hate on Danyang child and others. 'Well, well!!' Emperor Sejong see the crisis has to go, and save millions of troops under their own is his love, where people want to laugh at him, and quickly waved, said: 'Xiandi mentoring stand today Under the great merit, saved millions of soldiers, but respecting Fangwaizhiren, presumably all this is not secular in mind, this credit can be considered in your body, you seal your Guaren today for , Kaifeng As your city on the ground Shiyi. 'Sejong emperor is pretty powerful, though he did not believe Zhen Fang is so origin, but in the end is to save his own millions of troops, no reward can not be justified, but once you want to reward, and Danyang afraid son, who do not like, therefore simply just reward Kuangyin one person, but the closure of the country fair bit, it can be considered one of the princes, the government can open bite was built, so the teacher and student were also compensated. 'Chen Lingzhi Shane.' Kuangyin but could not see any happy expression on his face. Fuso also stick toward knees, worship and said:. 'Disciple teacher thank saving grace.' When people look at the air where there is a monstrous flood, only the East Ukrainian slowly rising, the original has a large bright day, probably because the sun really Zhen Fang Qiantang water and steam for the whole city is full of Shouzhou fog, black gold Although strong, but according to the distance, but Shu Zhang. Plus the two sides last night inadvertently rest, a time to recharge your batteries during the day, but their wait for the war to Japan. Miller says that the Jinshan monk thought she drew water Qiantang it, will be flooded Later Zhou million troops wiped out, and never once thought to be a fire Zhen Fang water Qiantang, the roast has become filled fog, where also talk flooded Zhou Jun. Good mind is a mad, magical moment for Lee, said:. 'I Zhantan Western Buddhist merit broad power under eight Dragon Buddha, and his sense of justice, is the Qiantang River a suitable point to the young girl, who deal with this and other betrayed the door division, where the need Yu Xu door disciple shot.' When the Virgin Fengmu no smiling, hands Qingping sword the shining little Han Xing, a shame to spend the capacity at the moment Splendid. If the opposite is not their enemy division door as if he was the other way Young did not become a horse, enjoying thousands of years to shame. Side of the mysterious Grand Master brow tightWrinkled, glanced around, and suddenly the DPRK Jishou Chen said: 'Shishu, today than what to do?' Immortals Chen DPRK have looked in the past. Zhen Fang hint of a smile on his face, and said: 'Earth Store Bodhisattva that?' 'Namo Amitabha!' Heard the sound of compassion slowly came, I saw Yin on glittering, shining across to the government. The hearts of everyone surprised, instant looked surprised to find Yin, the Buddha statue to reveal a wide, thick eyebrows forehead, between the eyebrows, shiny hairs, eye among the naked shoot, irradiated whole hell, anyway, was swept to his evil Shura, all bow down to the ground, did not have any resistance. Ni Wan above, showing a relic pearls, relic element of light three hundred sixty-five, criss-cross, into Sunday's count, between three realms brilliant brilliant shine. Everyone heard the hearts of surprise, did not expect to actually take the opportunity today to Store Bodhisattva Buddha, known as hell is not empty, vow Buddha Earth Store Bodhisattva today has finally become a Buddha. 'Namo Buddha Jizo meritorious.' Pharmacists glass Buddha and other Western people, even with all the demons of hell have also worship the ground, screaming up the last time Earth Store Bodhisattva say then borrowed Zhen Fang massive attack to the government, although in one fell swoop Buddhism forces expelled to hell, but again, Earth Store Bodhisattva Namo has thus become an extremely important possession of the Buddha, the Western Buddhist Buddha increase a superb magic again. Thus, to the government stop the war, did not not live to see the Sun used the sword and then to go on strike, and quickly blocked road. Qiu, who rushed. Have also discouraged. Sun Buer this time only to find themselves doing a little too much, but relied on their own is a large faction of the door, while the other, but it is a small snake demon. Although Xu Gongde, but if they wanted to apologize to her own head low, it is also impossible to land. Current cold with an old head sitting on the side, his face ashen, does not speak, as if he suffered much the same grievance. 'Fairy okay now!' Emperor Sejong color look of panic, but his eyes showing a trace of a complex look, although Danyang real assistant himself, has made a lot of credit. But again, these self-proclaimed expert Xianjia. For themselves also feel superior general. In front of their own, still its own way, did not own the monarch of a country in mind. A meeting, also regardless of what the other person is, they acted in accordance with their own way of good and evil, a meeting on the next killer, what is the difference between this demonic human. Bai Zifu hold back the roll, quickly said: 'No matter demon, the demon would like to thank His Majesty the relationship between diagnosis and treatment of His Majesty's soldiers or whatever demon first retire for good..' Although Zhen Fang has been received for the secret disciple. In the Southern Tang ancestry myself have huge name of the first to earn a huge merit. Unfortunately, the decision with his own strength, no matter how much merit in the eyes of others is still a monster, ready Hansha enemies. 'So many Xie Xianzi a.' Sejong emperor gently sigh. He will know Bai mood at the moment, but also helpless, although he is the main one of your country, but in front of Danyang, who live, but not the slightest ground position. In desperation, had ordered a chamberlain with Bai went to the barracks wounded. 'Well, just a little snake demon, to have much ability, Your Majesty, they must not see too much of this man.' Sun Buer sneered. Ridiculed