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high-strength, but to get into it but no one under the Yangtze River underwater, after all, is the day after the closure of the people. Long Jiang Longjun and do right, and heaven is done right. These guys are the people want to become immortal, where heaven willing to do right, plus the Yangtze underwater soldier, but also is to visit it, both of you go to your single-plank bridge, I go I have perfectly normal paths, interfere with each other, their peace and quiet without things to Taiping Ye. 'But what is there to know where?' Zhen Fang Chen Sheng Road. 'Two little knowledge?' Zhen Fang surprised, ten feet equal to about 3.3 meters, there are more than six thousand meters two little knowledge, and yet in the end, we can see that the depth of the trench. 'So trench, probably the first person of the Mariana Trench Trench.' Zhen Fang, he told himself. The world's deepest trench in the Pacific Ocean on the west side, called the Mariana Trench. Its deepest point ChallengerThe maximum depth is deep over eleven thousand meters, located at latitude 11: 2l, longitude 142: 12. If the roof of the world Mount Everest moved here, will be submerged in the 2000 meters underwater. 'Thank His Majesty.' Shrimp will face hint of joy. 'Your Majesty, there are a few monsters have just went up.' Shrimp will suddenly thought of something, and quickly said. Zhen Fang waved them back down, then he flew toward the Mariana Trench in the past. This movement, this East practitioner does not know if it can be called strange too. Kowloon car slowly declining, although Zhen Fang magic strength, but with the car getting away from the sea, Kowloon, in-depth at the bottom of the trench, the sea around the same as if the black. The sea around the increasing pressure, no wonder those shrimp shrimp soldiers will just dive to a depth of more than six thousand meters, this huge pressure to the water is not able to withstand the ordinary monks lived. With increasing depth, the pressure is getting bigger, Zhen Fang could feel the pressure then, the two men have disappeared, Looking back nearly three decades. Feng Lin said Tang Xiaolan heard this thing, because after all these years, is that they can not remember, but two one high and one low, morphology weird, after the fight, Feng Lin also found their large ones and the Central Plains martial arts parties are not the same, and found that only four fingers left dwarf priest, and finally guessed their origin. Both Lin Feng Huang Yiren is seen through history, provoking the old hate, rage, Yi Road, Ann Hey sneered: 'I was looking for trouble Tianshan Pai, ?? on your own, just to get you to try ! Zhang Li test Buddha Steel 'turtle hiding son also sneered:' Let us look atWho can not forgive anyone? Road children, I know that this old goblin given aunt Tang Xiaolan, let her first win, no worries Tang Xiaolan not nice at your fingertips, and then we also save on Tianshan trip. 'Feng Lin said she hated old people play pretty, gas up the Bay, at once resorted to the killer of God Tianshan sword strokes, striking sword, the sword falsehoods, unpredictable, a litter, Jingsi handle and turned it into dozens of wooden spears general, turtles and Yi Road Tibetan child feel safe in all directions, all marked hidden in the shadow of Feng Lin cry:. 'Oh! 'Only to hear La bang, it's nerve has been cut open a tree sword gap, but at the same time, Lin Feng also suddenly felt a smell of blood Road straight nose officer, Rao is her dodge quickly, shoulders have been Dao An fingertips put a bit. the clothes left two crimson fingerprints! I saw a turtle hiding in the 'nerve' split a pair of yin and yang eyes more fully revealed, originally Both men are wearing of leather. If so Lin Feng Gang Green edged sword hands, he would not dare to take the risk. Feng Lin an idea to underestimate the enemy, almost suffered a major loss, until she catch herself, has been that the two yellow man seize the favorable orientation! two year old yellow together against the enemy, with Tang Xiaolan day battle, the skill of the deep, group immediately issued a very cold screams from Du wind out of the body of a black shadow, clinging to those blue Xian Qi, a tear them a start in the Xian Qi After touch on smashes, then part of the essence of which severely up inside. Tianshu fairy Kande Yan are straight. Only Xian Qi never swallowed anything else, Xian Qi eat something, he was first seen. It was a pale, handsome face of a vampire. E! Originally the city was left in the street vampire E, and costs the same as last appeared on the battlefield, its body revealed the shocking bloody nine-star atmosphere, the Xian Qi who is frantically swallowed breathing body. Xian Qi quickly melted in blood E, E ~ blood. Blood is excreted, and was transformed Xian Qi constitutes its new blood. Just swallowed E, E, in my hand, there is a strange mouth, but also to help him frantically swallowed Xian Qi. Xian Qi quivering back with something when people encounter bite to eat their nemesis, they have no choice except retreat. Du wind and Xu Yuan are glued to the TV drama big mouth, eyes showing intimate look. Mouth and shouted: 'Du wind, Xu Yuan, which recruit new blood circulation unlimited how?' Urn urn mouth issued protests: 'I did not promise far so good luck, actually be able to get out a new type of training also infuriating, all my body was destroyed, but fortunately can be completed and younger vampire power transmission. Independence Day, you'd help me cultivate a good successor. ' Six horsepower tie together the essence of soul tremble, its body has been destroyed, but the spirit remains conscious. Just a moment, the outcome of the dayIt was dumped, and he is completely involved in the extradition will end being calculated. Hadera killed, while the extradition he will but more an unexpected ancient weapons. Extradition will end. Vampire king D. In unexpected ways. Return! Before toward Du wind, Tianshu fairy has carefully calculated the force of one's own and Du contrast. Hp bar and Hadera killed, in addition, also Du wind and E