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they grow too many people, eating a luxury watch can not be sustained, but also do not want to narrow facade. Secretly a discussion, has long been aware of the south Pacific, densely populated, a little out of Pirates of the case point of life, they have to hit, not like the Yellow River port approach. So with extremely fine mind, to do the conversion of long-short do zero for the whole, of the nearly as far. Encounter a good deal of water, always trailing all the way down to the robbery is large, and the ship must do together to get the light, leaving one to live. After the accident, only when the passenger ship sank in case the wind, do not see a trace of banditry marks, slightly worse, never start. Like done this a few years, gradually picked apprentice debut. Always River boat accident, rumors are increasingly. For sheltered sound, Lian Ji some time. Finally changed the way of lifeUnder apprentice four chase visit, designed to do away business, wealthy landowners own side wore grades, loyal make gentry. Acts as a party of men can be divided generations, except by chance to see the first generation of disciples, the remainder is to follow orders more easily see him in the face, there are events to see, is also nearby Zhoushan island inside a party. Generational small, have not seen much of his face always. But two decades of time, actually became the first local households. Relied on strict rules, both happy and make some charity, both locally when he was a gallant good sense of the rich. Hugh said no one knows his trail, rivers and lakes is also only knew Biluo Zhoushan island, there is a skill, high strength, many only party, the elusive hero black water of the white gold flying fish, no one thought he would be at home here. He nothing else, still more experienced martial arts. His wife Hakuho baby, having a son, only nineteen years old this year, named Jinting Yu, floods, droughts and effort are good, the sixteen-year-old into the Wu itch. Spoiled only child, a bit out Shiqiang mess, some recent fame was , hitting the ground water and fire that killed the wind, is that the flying ice Gang Qi, is a tough role. Zhen Fang mind a move, a snow white Guanghua rushed out from the body, but it is the second element of God. That soul sitting in the golden merit among QiQiao slightly open, and suddenly a mouthful of white mist sucked in from the Ice Gang over evil, soul connected Zhen Fang feel as if the second element of God a little more real condensate, pending and then suck it. Side Jianghua Zi shocked and said: 'Brother, they must absorb this Ice Gang Qi, get out of here.' Zhen Fang see his face solemn, you just know it, probably made a big mistake. Quickly closing the second element of God, followed Jiang Huazi behind rapidly towards Kun-yuan Asgard fly past. Just break Yuan Gang magnetic brake, Suddenly he heard behind the big ring, Zhen Fang instant look of the past, while the hearts of dismay, I saw the original wind water and fire spewing Yuan Gang magnetic brake, preventing the ball this time was mushy, vague Taiji visible appearance. The destruction of much of an atmosphere pressure over. Zhen Fang face CangThis time to where he feels very clearly to the energy, non-yourself this late character of God can be compared to. Is this the world's prestige it? 'Brother ah! Everything has a balance of yin and yang magic that has been able to enter kunyuan Wonderland, because it is in this element of evil in Gang magnetic energy level five elements of air. You just received that a trace of ice equal to destroy Gangqi Five of which level of the Road. 'Jiang Huazi face panic, but the other side is more to admire Chen, Chen is perhaps the only way such a person, dare magnetic Gang Yuan evil among Gangqi absorb ice. Zhen Fang reddish face, although her aware of the truth, no one thought under the impatient, made a wrong. Awkward moment, said: 'brother, brother whim, let brother embarrassed.' Wang Chen Jianghua Zi Fang a, sighed, and said: 'Do not know just that moment, there is no road access to dollars magnetic