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edicts, how square Chen hearts do not look so scared. He did not know how many years of practice, I do not know how to swim over Ni Wan Zhen Fang golden mist is what, exactly cultivator chaotic element force craving, the legend that only chaos magic outside thirty-three days before Some Reiki, than the power of the stars Sunday to terror, directly into the body cycle, each cycle around, it increases mana millennium. So then in the auditory canal Zixiaogong mighty disabilities, but eight years old, who have attained the BI countless chaotic element force which is filled with Zixiaogong inextricably. Unfortunately, among the three realms, although aware of the role of the chaotic element force, but no one dared to practice outside the thirty-three days. Because that is the Chaos Gang Feng will be able to these immortal soul are not blown. Although the practice Taibaijinxing countless years, but have never thought of who actually owns Chaos Zhen Fang Yuan force. Although the hearts of surprised, but his face was not shown, since the people have such opportunity, indicating Emperor draw is very correct. Zhen Fang know in order to absorb this massive chaos element force, non-retreat is not, take a moment and quickly edict, delivery and Zhen Fang said: 'Great Senior Getting Sin long magical wand, another great merit in the body, therefore life-chen to Xuan Chao, thanks to long for the South fell monsters cents Senior ruling jambudvipa creatures. These three16,500 where as Senior Tianzhushan dojo. ' 'Yanjiao seen revere.' Jupiter looked Zhen Fang duty, not salty not pale said. Zhen Fang nodded, awaiting speak, sudden, I hear the whole body straight to rattle the bones, screaming over Ni Wan Dinghai beads, with a burst of Gang Feng, blowing fluttering sound, above the robe, purple clouds throughput indefinite form to an enormous cyclone, an atmosphere of overwhelming destruction, Zhen Fang a red face, also refused to speak to hand over the edict strokes, and from space, took a palace to hand, fling, told: ' Pindao own hand, if you rely on the power of Zongda impossible to help themselves out of heaven seals. Du wind Moran said: 'I had access to history, before extradition would, Xu Jiumei someone already soaring world, the last one written records are soaring Valkyrie Lu Tianming, that Heaven is closed, is about the occurrence in the world by the year 2000 about According to Liu nodded and said: 'Probably so.' Du wind pointing to the periphery of his body wrapped in Black Mountain said: 'Assuming this is heaven seal, I was sealed on the inside.' He readily flick, Black Mountain shifted from his body, but in turn Liu days Ji and Liu, according to the cover on the inside, Du wind know what silence, Liu days Ji hum: 'This situation is you out of heaven seal, our seal in Inside, the power of the Emperor's even bigger, it is impossible to break the seal of the law of heaven. ' Du wind indifference: 'I can not seal from heaven, if you out, even if I was in there.' Liu Ji body startled day, suddenly thought of a terrible fact, warble:. 'Impossible, how is this possible.' Du wind ice eyes looked at him, heaven seals Black Mountain simulation still exist, separated him and Liu Liu Ji-day data, but this time he occupied a large space, and small, according to Liu, who occupied space only. Zongda principle is one data flow, data flow can not be converted into time and space, but it can be constructed in time and space, in order to create a free, that it is above the law over force. Precisely because of the special nature of this layer, were led up to cock days Kyi and Liu Guang, left the second day of heavy seal. Heaven can not be constructed in space and time, if he had enough power, but they can expand the space goes to heaven seal. According to Liu look calm authentic: 'Possible, Ji day, you do not know what is heaven seal closure. ' He smiling authentic: 'seal the space can not be changed, time can not be changed, everything can not be changed, even if the whole world lives are counted as soaring, the Emperor can not Jian Zhen, although broken open out the other side of the world, is not difficult, escorts, who although able to borrow in the world force, but after their own authentic travel impossible so complementary, the overall strength of the three under three clear is the fact that a hard fact of life. However, to break open the other side of the world, we must spend time, this time, three please pray Zhen Fang involuntarily longer be able to drag something, otherwise the trend will change, the result is not three clear wish. And they do not know to that at the moment the demon Once upon a big sounding, Zhen Fang did not really relaxed, really did like they think, saints and sages have non-obvious differences, the end is not a holy ants. If the saints are in at the moment, I am afraid to change those views have to be completely non-saint of the. Just when Laojun Houtu while others underestimate the enemy, easily use obscurity door three clear beads beads income obscurity to power barely Trinity repression in them. I know that in the soil behind the empress, who calculated. In their view, Zhen Fang Hongjun Road Zuqin even given the saints, but after all, has not been sanctified, even invincible supernatural powers, but not a saint, is always ants. Nvwaniangniang perhaps do nothing short Zhen Fang, but slightly longer time, if not kill Zhen Fang, but it is a normal thing seal. They not only think so, that is Nvwaniangniang see three clear in the soil behind the door empress calculations, the ghost of a smile suddenly had to face the cold, such as ice and snow melt in general, and soon covered the entire face. 'Senior sister apprentice, that sanctification is so lucky to find where I heard that when the senior sister apprentice to sanctification, who browse around, a full three thousand six hundred and fifty years old in prehistoric ah! Young to ground upon a time was much time, ManDaManSuan of less than two years. Today, such a success to have been very good, where also look forward to sanctification. That being the