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have known. Logically, this time not to play when we are outsiders, See a wide, Zhejiang two appearances to help most people are not this help, they promise, and my brethren, like, tomorrow is an outsider, but by all appearances maybe others portals. Although as a friend of the heart Sheng, how are OK, in the end of this behavior, who can not be considered glamorous prevailed. Furthermore both parties invited the senior expert, local heroes still living temporarily can not win three-two count. think is generally friend rounders, so, it is better to turn honest, who wants to power all right, anyway, high on high, short for short, a deal with one, simply called Ming, down significantly bachelor, so put it in his mouth full of good, seeking only their own proper, but a man may eat dark loss This is what I wanted to say. two Da Lei and always singing contest as a good all behind. I have two non-subsidized arts school, came to see you for playing proper burn downtown, a little itchy, lest hit back, clever People play no fight, Trinidad afar, would not Baipaoyitang? To do this play, to help Zhejiang Xing group head, you friends for advice, whether Xing group head and the same to you that have been on the field or the characters, just by the real force, Weaponry, boxingFeet, hidden weapon decide it for oneself, all fight. District Fucai, no even genuine talent, but as a dedicated friend, sit down and do not want success, die without resentment, did not understand what the holidays profiles, which show up, please early stage, so much time delay. 'Say, Xing party CKS two people stand to discuss orders. . '? You two will just go out two young thieves, do not grab the credit, even made after hiding personal' Jiang Ming laughed: 'Xiao Zhi and other two should go out, did not catch it.' Said strike a positive move forward, there are a few little brother standing beside should seek to make the fight. scolded: 'Little monkeys who do not have to hide, to go forward to grab all those who should say who dodged away.!. It's really is not a light beat playing, playing his face flowering, also lost two front teeth! Item hung anxious to rescue, Gu Zhihua shouted: '! You eat me beat,' resorted Xuannv palm method, a move left, 'Yang Hua, he could feel' a right move, 'catkins light', Zhang Shi uncertain no party, like a fallen Fun, snow drift down. David Danjue item in all directions, has her silhouette Zhang Feng, he performed like a body skills, she was still compelled step back! This item hung surprised no trivial matter, Gu Zhihua even defying his ! The original Lv Siniang alive long into account in this door, no one can Meng Shentong uniforms, so with a decade of effort, study and understanding of the 'magic of Shaoyang'Although not break, but it can resist the power of evil that Shura hidden cult poison gas. As long as two or three masters, Enhancing this 'Shaoyang magic', jointly applied for, it can be made to Meng Shentong. She's minds at that time, the three powers of the strongest disciple door but Cao Kinji, and thrown in from Emei Xie true testament therefore called will 'Shaoyang Xuangong secret' donated Cao Kinji . This is why in Mangshan meeting, although Cao Kinji Gu Zhihua put out by the wall, Gu Zhihua three tips that will still be offered to give her exigencies. Lv Siniang alive, there is no such practice called Gu Zhihua 'Shaoyang magic', but did not forbid her to practice. Gu Zhihua not know Lv Siniang another meaning, in the master's death, she finally put this big power practiced. when practicing 'Shaoyang magic' of, but for the maintenance of the door of a heart actually, I thought one more person to excel at this effort, in the future it must uniforms when Meng Shentong some effort. Until Cao Kinji expose her secret life experience, she began to have doubts, does Master Meng Shentong already know that she is the daughter of Qinshou she does so before his death, 'Shaoyang magic' to avoid killing Affiliation she will participate? She thought, or that the secret master of her life will never expose, therefore