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her, threatened: 'You Fast surrenderOtherwise I killed her. ' It also seems to me that the general is a very tricky ground capability, intention to use hostages to get rid of opponents say. General hesitated, stopped his hand, Liu Ji and Luo Feile days are in each other's hands, he had to find a way to rescue the two men do intend to come out. Yoo Ji-day stare Shinto: 'seven kinds of ability, a good strong seven capability.' 'God' revealed the grim smile: '! Seven power of God.' Liu Ji day suddenly shouted: 'I want you the ability to overthrow the Emperor seven!' She suddenly bite in 'God' who 'God' screams up at once, heaven princess little eye teeth than the general metal ions seem more terrible, tightly bite its throat and hold a capacity of seven gods one was pulled from the 'God' out of the body, rippling in the air. 'God' screams incessantly, struggling to held high, roaring and said:. 'I killed her, I killed her.' Luo Feile her beautiful golden pupil sudden flash of light, palm Feng erected knives, severely cutting through the 'God' of the body, along the willow-day body Kyi drew a standard curve, Liu Ji day from God The body separated out. Liu days Kyi and the generals almost simultaneously called out: 'Independence Day is Independence Day!' That knife is a standard clean break, eyes light up the moment, but also a unique blade wind Du eyes, Independence Day risked being destroyed houses of the soul will be transferred to body to save the day Liu Ji. 'God' Luo Feile tightly looked, but did not dare to face a pair of blade-like eyes. Seven ability elegant slowly in the sky, 'God' cunning move footsteps, that one of the strong confrontation between two souls have emerged, but certainly not last as long as it is capable of supporting a while, Du wind soul will disappear. Even without the ability to assist the seven gods, it still made the full force of Liu Ji days and a lot of soul fragments strong, confident forces should be on top of the general Diego, just do not let myself just this fear